Mon. May 20th, 2024
5 tips from CarDekho on car maintenance during the lockdown,online news,6th april National: The 21 days lockdown period has curbed people’s movement and thus our cars will also remain unused for an extended period. A machine which is left unused is bound to give you trouble when restarted. A car parked for long requires special care. Follow these basic tips by CarDekho to ensure and enjoy a smooth drive with your car when start using again.

  1. Cleaning the surface 

Because the car is stationed by for long it is bound to get covered in dust and dirt. If left unclean for long some tints make permanent stains on the car. So it is must that you make an effort of cleaning the vehicle at least twice a week by water and wipe the liquid immediately for it to dry fast.  It is best if you park the car indoor and use cover. 

5 tips from CarDekho on car maintenance during the lockdown
5 tips from CarDekho on car maintenance during the lockdown
  1. Cleaning the interior

For those who use cars daily tend to keep a few extra things in the storage spaces. It’s best to clear out the car of all food items, snacks, waste items, and liquids from the cabin as they could degrade or rot while the car is parked up for over a week. We also recommend using a good-quality disinfectant spray to keep it safe and healthy for long.

  1. Battery Maintenance

It is unavoidable that the battery eventually will discharge if the car is not used for long. To keep it in running condition, connect the battery to a trickle charger. One can also start the car in a gap of two-three days for 15- 20 minutes and let the machine warm-up. In the meanwhile, you must also check the wipers, air conditioner, lights etc. if it is working properly. 

  1. Hand brake/ parking brake

Do not forget to release the handbrake when your car is parked for a longer duration. It can damage the brake pads getting stuck to the discs or drums. Instead, if the vehicle is parked on a plane area you can just leave it in first gear and if it is on hilly terrain then just use a brick beneath the tyre to keep it from rolling.

  1. Tire Pressure

Tires lose pressure naturally whether used or unused. Proper tire pressure is important for the vehicle’s performance, safety and gas mileage. When parked for long, the car develops flat spots from the contact patches. You need to drive your car forward and back every few days to rotate the tires. It also helps to pump the air pressure to the prescribed maximum.