Fri. Jul 19th, 2024 online news, july 1,2024:In Asian countries, there is something special about a lavish wedding. Such a lavish wedding has now gone viral. The wedding guests spent five days in a five-star hotel and arranged for a Rolls Royce to transport them from the hotel to the site.

In addition, the visitors received a gift of Rs. 66 thousand in a red cover. Plans were also prepared for the guests’ return journey.

Dana Chang, a travel influencer, released a video of a big wedding in China that has been the talk of town. Dana shared the video, writing, “The arrangement.

ఇదికూడా చదవండి: పెళ్లికి వచ్చిన వారికి రూ.66,000. నగదు బహుమతి!


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