Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024 online news,January 20,2024: Sri Ram gets his share, ’56 Petha Bhaag’ reaches Ayodhya. A mace decorated with dry fruits and sweets is the center of attraction.

Ram Temple in Agra Peta Ayodhya Desert On January 22, the grand temple of Lord Rama was inaugurated in Ayodhya. For this special day, gifts are sent from different parts of the country.

Famous sweets are also sent here from Agra. 56 types of sweets will be offered as prasad to Ayodhya Ram.

On January 22, Peta traders left for Ayodhya with 56 Peethas to offer to Lord Rama. On Sunday, a procession was held with the effigy of Lord Rama on a decorated chariot. The yatra started with pujas on Monday morning.

A mace made of dry fruits is also a center of attraction in the yatra. The trip reached Ayodhya on Tuesday. On January 22, Ramlala’s life was sanctified at the Sri Rama Mandir in Ayodhya.

All the devotees of Rama are busy contributing their share. Swami Rajesh Aggarwal of Prachin Peta, travel coordinator who took the peta bhog said that everyone seems eager to see the bhog.

We managed to reach Etawah in five hours, from which the enthusiasm of the people may be judged. After performing pooja on Tuesday, peta bhog was handed over to the temple administrators.

Decorated with gold and silver work
Peta is placed on plates and decorated with gold and silver. A foil is placed over it so that there are no impurities. The vehicle-like chariot is decorated with LEDs.

President of Agra Trade Board, TN Agarwal said that every Ram devotee has enthusiasm. He wants to contribute to the best of his ability. Traders are working at full capacity to make the historic day special.

Everyone should celebrate on 22nd by lighting lamps in every house and shop.

A mace decorated with dry fruits sweets is the center of attraction. The Chappan Bhog chariot was sent to Ayodhya in a chest placed on a chariot prepared by traders at Nuri Darwaja.