Fri. Jul 12th, 2024 online news, Chennai,October 30th,2023 : Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. (DICV), the subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG (“Daimler Truck”), today announced a strategic partnership with iQuippo to offer digitalized solution for customers of pre-owned BharatBenz commercial vehicles.

iQuippo is India’s leading physical and digital marketplace for preowned vehicle sales with evaluation and funding options. This collaboration will provide value-added support to BharatBenz customers to exchange their used vehicles with lesser turnaround time, gain a better resale value and enjoy hassle-free processes.

Through this partnership BharatBenz is looking at harnessing iQuippo’s physical and digital expertise ensuring customers receive clear and trustworthy data, along with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources essential for making well-informed decisions throughout the entire lifespan of their commercial vehicles.

Sreeram Venkateswaran, President and Chief Business Officer, Domestic Sales and Customer Service, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles said, “Our pre-owned business initiatives BharatBenz Exchange and BharatBenz Certified, which offer customers new truck exchange and pre-owned truck purchase, respectively, account for 15% of our overall sales per year.

In addition to new truck and bus sales, our pre-owned business initiatives are not just significant for our operations but also provide aspiring customers the opportunity to own safe and reliable BharatBenz commercial vehicles throughout their lifecycle.

To digitalize our pre-owned truck business and make it more easily accessible, offer more value-added services and simplify procedures, we have partnered with iQuippo to digitalize the business experience for our customers.

We are confident that our partnership with iQuippo’s proven digital tools will ensure BharatBenz is an easy reach for aspiring customers.”

Speaking on the development, Somnath Bhattacharjee, Executive Director, iQuippo Services Limited, stated, “We are delighted to host India’s most reputed CV brand, BharatBenz on our platform.

Our digital platform is tried and tested by many brands in the construction equipment industry and their customers have benefitted by what we offer. We look forward to providing a seamless digital experience that adds value to the lifecycle of BharatBenz trucks that are renowned for their durability, safety, comfort and total cost of ownership. “

iQuippo, India’s premier physical and digital marketplace for construction equipment businesses offers a range of unique features and benefits for their clients.

With comprehensive evaluation and funding options, iQuippo simplifies and streamlines the process of selling and buying preowned commercial vehicles. Their expertise in digital solutions aligns perfectly with BharatBenz’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

BharatBenz’s highly durable trucks are a lucrative business proposition for customers who wish to buy pre-owned trucks. Nearly 2000 BharatBenz trucks have been driven for over a million kilometers each and are still serving customers across India.

This kind of durability and reliability are built into the engineering and design of BharatBenz trucks before they are retailed thereby becoming as aspiration for a section of customers who would prefer adding pre-owned BharatBenz trucks to their fleets.

To enable this, DICV introduced the BharatBenz Exchange program in 2020 to offer a credible opportunity to Indian customers for buying a BharatBenz in exchange for any other used truck. BharatBenz Certified was a subsequent program that was introduced in 2022 and which offers aspiring customers pre-owned and refurbished BharatBenz trucks.