Sat. Jul 13th, 2024 Online News,July 3,2024: Most of the leading telecom service providers in India including Jio, Airtel VI have announced their revised mobile plan rates effective today (July 3). Reliance Jio has maintained its competitive spirit by setting lower plan rates than Bharti Airtel.

Airtel’s hike is in the range of 10-21 percent, while Jio has hiked prices by 12-25 percent. The new plan rates of both the companies will be effective from July 3 (from today).

However, Jio prepaid recharge plans are cheaper than competitors. Available at 20 percent discount. Even on postpaid plan rates, Jio’s rate is 29 percent lower.

Jio vs Airtel Prepaid New Plan Rates

A comparison of the new plan rates indicates that almost all Reliance Jio Telecom’s recharge plans are now available to consumers.

1) Unlimited calling plan


Rs.179 plan for 28 days now Rs.199 plan. 84 days plan increased from Rs.455 to Rs.509. The annual plan has increased from Rs.1,799 to Rs.1,999.


28 days 2GB plan now increased from Rs.155 to Rs.189. The three-month 6GB plan has increased from Rs.395 to Rs.479. The annual 24GB plan has now increased from Rs 1,899 to Rs 1,559.

2) Daily data plan


1GB data plan per day now increased from Rs.265 to Rs.299 for a period of 28 days. 3GB plan price per day is Rs.399 to Rs.449. Long term plan means 1.5GB plan per day for a period of 84 days Rs. 859, which is Rs. Decreased from 719.


1GB plan per day for 28 days at Rs. 209, which is Rs. down from 249. For the same period, the 3GB plan has increased from Rs.399 to Rs.449 per day. 1.5GB plan per day for 84 days is priced at Rs. 666 to Rs.799.

3) Data add-on plans


1GB add on plan which was Rs.19 is now Rs.22. Similarly, the price of 4GB add on plan has increased from Rs.65 to Rs.77.


1GB add on plan which was Rs.15 has now increased to Rs.19. 6GB add-on plan which was Rs.61 is now Rs.69.

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