Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

and refurbishment, is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with TimeTooth, marking a historic collaboration in the development of indigenous seating systems for passenger aircraft.

Since 2021, Epsilon Aerospace has been actively engaged with TimeTooth, an innovative force in aviation, to design and manufacture seat covers and cushions for their groundbreaking new seating product.

TimeTooth has successfully pioneered indigenous seating solutions, specifically tailored for passenger aircraft, making them the first company in India to achieve this milestone.

The collaboration between Epsilon Aerospace and TimeTooth has been instrumental in conceptualizing and designing soft furnishings for the revolutionary seats, developed initially for Dornier Aircraft.

This partnership showcases a remarkable synergy between cutting-edge design and manufacturing capabilities, setting new standards for aviation comfort.

The MoU signing is poised to strengthen the business ties between Epsilon Aerospace and TimeTooth, opening avenues for deeper collaboration in the future. Epsilon Aerospace is proud to contribute to the launch of TimeTooth’s innovative seats at the Wings Air Show 2024.

These seats, adorned with covers and cushions manufactured by Epsilon Aerospace, mark a historic moment for both companies as they unveil a locally produced solution for aircraft seatings, a first in the history of Indian aviation.

Naveen Chawla, CEO at Epsilon Aerospace, expressed enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating,”This partnership signifies a leap forward in India’s aviation capabilities. We are proud to join forces with TimeTooth in creating a revolutionary seating experience for passengers.

The MoU not only strengthens our ties with TimeTooth but also positions Epsilon Aerospace as a key player in the global soft furnishing market for aircraft seats.”

Amitav, Chaudhuri, Director at Timetooth, said “Timetooth’s Indian seats offer better performance, innovative customization, and lower lifetime costs. We are banking on Epsilon Aerospace to contribute to this vision via their expertise in the soft furnishings.”

TimeTooth is gearing up to showcase these innovative seats, featuring Epsilon Aerospace’s covers together, at the Wings Air Show 2024. With an eye to attracting aircraft manufacturers and customers attending the event, this collaboration promises to be a game-changer in the aviation industry.