Wed. May 29th, 2024

The Chennai based producer B Vinod Jain has ventured into film production under their home banner Jaguar Studios and Creative Producer  
M. Naresh Jain through the movie ‘Garjana’


365Telugu.Com,Online News, January 6, Hyderabad: This movie plot is a fictional comparison between  man and animal, who is more dangerous. Animal attack only for two reason either for its food or for its protection but humans attack for countless reasons…a ferocious tiger wandering freely in a beautiful tea estate attack’s anyone in it’s sight… In one encounter, it crosses path in Railaxmi and sriram.. a kid and a teen girl , all in a closed manor. as the plot thickens.. Hunt begins..its a real cat and mouse game…as the tiger out of its territory chases all to each and every corner of house.. In the end we show the stonger survives.

Sriram and Rai Lakshmi play the lead, while Dev Gill, Naira, Vaishnavi Chandran Menon, Dhwitha, Black Pandi and others play important roles.

MV Panneerselvam took the responsibilities of story, screenplay and cinematography, while J Parthiban has directed the movie.  Debut Director J Parthiban, a DFT from Adyar Film Institute carries with him the experience of making several ad films and invaluable exposure to film making by working with Ace Director Bala for the movie ‘Naan Kadavul’.

Sudharshan is the editor, while Milan and Rajamohan take care of the Art direction. Thalapathi Dinesh,Vijay and Sridhar take care of the action sequences while Arul Dev has scored the music.‘Garjana’ shot in Pollachi, Munnar, Thalaikona, Chennai, Ooty and Kodaikanal is all set for release shortly.

Cast and Crew Sriram Rai Lakshmi, Dev Gill,Naira
Vaishnavi Chandran Menon,Dhwitha,Black Pandi

Banner: Jaguar Studios
Producer: B Vinod Jain
Creative Producer:
 M.Naresh Jain
Directed by:
J Parthiban
Story, Screenplay, Cinematography:
MV Panneerselvam
Music:Arul Dev
Art:Milan & S Rajamohan Stunts:Thalapathi Dinesh, Vijay & Sridhar VFX:Knack Studios Production Manager: Palaniappan
Designs & Motion Teaser:R-Art Studio. PRO :Suresh Kondetti