Fri. Jul 19th, 2024 online news, July 4th,2024: Every LPG gas cylinder available in India has an expiry date. The expiration date of the gas cylinder is written on it. If you use an expired gas cylinder, the chance of your gas cylinder exploding increases significantly. Apart from this, some other major unpleasant events may also happen to you.

Many people use kitchen gas cylinder for cooking. But did you know that a gas cylinder also has an expiry date..?

In such a situation, before using the gas cylinder, know about its expiry date. Today in this series, let us now know about gas cylinder expiry date. Most important information about a gas cylinder is written on three strips printed on it. Here you are going to get information from gas cylinder weight to its expiry date.

Alphabetical order indicates due date

Expiry date of gas cylinder is mentioned in alphabetical order. You should have A23, B23, C24 written on your domestic cylinder. Here A stands for January to March. Similarly, symbol B represents the months of April to June. C refers to the months from July to September. D represents the months from October to December. Numbers written before the alphabet (23,24) indicate the year.

This causes the cylinder to explode

In fact, if LPG gas is put into the cylinder after the cylinder is completed, it will not be able to withstand the gas pressure. Due to this heat starts to rise. Sometimes the close proximity of the cylinder to the fire also causes an explosion. However, the expiry date is written on the cylinder but most of the consumers are not aware of it.

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