Thu. Jun 13th, 2024 online news, Hyderabad, 21st May, 2023: A Comprehensive Medical Facility for Elderly Care is the need of the hour, considering the fact that elderly persons aged 65 and above are the fastest growing segment of population. These patients now occupy 90% of the hospital beds. “Premier Senior” is a centre which is first of its kind in the city of Hyderabad to provide a complete inclusive approach in taking care of medical needs for elderly people.

Speaking on the Occasion at the unveiling of Premier Senior, Dr. Mahesh Marda-Renowned Physician with over 35 Years of Practice said “Healthy adults between the age of 50-70 are the GREY BRIGADE. Their wisdom and experience is underutilised in the society.

They are a great help for the present modern society but after retirement in India they are amongst the most neglected in the society. Dr. Mahesh Marda added “The composition of world population has changed dramatically in recent decades.

Medical advances have given people an opportunity to live longer, healthier and more productive. Increased the expectancy (GREY CHALLENGE) comes with its own set of social, economic and emotional challenges. By 2040, the elderly may consume 50% of the total health care expenditure.

Preventive health care programs can improve/maintain elderly patient’s health, functional abilities, independence and life satisfaction. These programs can prolong the time before they require admission in hospital. Effective preventive healthcare to the elderly is the need of the hour.

While cardiac, pulmonary and major central nerves system disorders are reported, disabilities such as urinary incontinence, loco-motor dysfunction, defective hearing and vision, podiatric problems, depression, alcoholism and non-medical social needs are not reported. Hence comprehensive function assessment of elderly patients is very important.

Potentially serious psycho-social stresses are common (Undesired retirement, inadequate finances, death of spouse etc). Significant part of elderly has major functional disability (10-20%). Hence, the importance of psychological elements of health in elderly.

COMPREHENSIVE GERIATRIC ASSESMENT (CGA): Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is the assessment and treatment of disease in a person who is 50 years or older. Aging is a function of genetic factor, day to day lifestyle and physical-mental attitude. Though aging is a slow process but it starts much earlier than it is appreciably seen.

Senior citizens are prone to vivid diseases, deteriorating functional capability and upcoming environmental challenges which in turn makes them prone to dependency, develop frailty.
Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is necessary for appropriate analysis of psychological state, nutritional status and functional status, social support, geriatric syndrome, cognitive function, co morbidity, enhances socio- environmental well being, reduces poly pharmacy. CGA comprises interdisciplinary proactive approach to generate a senior citizens PROBLEM LIST in

following domains:

  1. Physical assessment.
  2. Function, cognitive, social and environmental assessment.
  3. Psychological components.
  4. Medication review.
  5. Nutritional assessment
    CGA is process of care comprising of number of steps:
  6. Multi-dimensional holistic assessment.
  7. Formulation of a plan to address issues.
  8. Interventions in support of plans.
  9. Review of progress.
    When is CGA done?
    CGA should form part of the process of pro-active care.
  10. When an older person presents with obvious frail syndromes (Falls, confusion, reduced mobility and increasing incontinence).
  11. When an older person has been discharged from a hospital after presenting a frailty syndrome.
  12. In care homes, where most residents will have frailty.
  13. All frail elderly people.

It is important to understand and appreciate life of an elderly person keeping in mind their own view points. Time, empathy and patience are needed to interact with a geriatric person. At Premier Senior approach towards aging is taken as- “Age is just a number” which means it does not matter who and at what age you are in; you are still capable to achieve many things at any age.

Disease specific approach to geriatric care will not suffice. Measures to enhance physical, functional, mental and social well being must also be emphasized. Timely and encouraging voluntary involvement of elderly will make Senior citizens more health conscious and thereby reducing health care burden.

Comprehensive geriatric assessment should be done once in two years for people of age 65-74 and yearly once for seniors of age 75 and above. A home away from home, Premier Senior includes a multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment process that identifies medical, psychological and functional capabilities, in order to develop coordinated plan to improve overall health of the senior citizen.