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Digital Marketing Leaders’ by World Digital Marketing Congress,onlinenews,Hyderabad,February20,2020: Nisha Bengani Gandhi has been recognized among the 100 SMARTEST DIGITAL MARKETING LEADERS by the World Digital Marketing Congress. World Digital Marketing Congress & Awards recognizes exceptional work done by the Marketing fraternity to take their brands into the digital era. The Congress also recognizes and rewards leaders for the pioneering job of online asset creation amongst their peer-set for their brands. This event is a tribute to all those who believe in the power of digital. The World Digital Marketing Congress is strategically supported by CMO Asia ( and World MarketingCongress( The event is governed by an Advisory Board consisting of Senior Professionals from the industry.  The World Federation of Digital Marketing Professionals is a Knowledge Partner.

The 100 SMARTEST DIGITAL MARKETING LEADERS is a result of an intensely researched process undertaken by the research cell to produce a shortlist of individuals who are doing extraordinary work and track the record of their achievements. The award recognizes Marketing Competencies, Strategic Perspective and Future Orientation, Track Record, Integrity and Ethics, and Commitment to Sustainability (Business, Social, and Environmental). Big Bears has spearheaded Digital Marketing campaigns for renowned National and International brands. Having gained a rich experience in MNCs, Nisha co-founded Big Bears Advertising & Marketing in 2018. Nisha aims to lead the Digital Transformation wave in Advertising & Marketing through connecting traditional ‘analog’ businesses with the Digital world and empower them through Digital Marketing. With an aim to turn Big Bears into a 100 crore company by 2022, this is just the beginning.

I co-founded BigBears Advertising & Digital Marketing at the age of 29, with a vision to combine Digital know-how & Creative talent in this era of Digital Transformations. My dream then was to create a unique Communications Agency comprising cross-functional teams that have the capability to deliver the best-in-class campaigns for all sectors globally. With my rich experience at MNCs and MSMEs, I had an absolute clarity on how to form the right team, deliver to clients, and chart a growth path for BigBears.

I aim to drive BigBears and its clients’ growth by combining traditional “analog” businesses to digital. I’m building a work environment here, where my team members are always challenged and feel a positive sense of achievement about their role in delivering elevated services to all our clients. With an aim to turn BigBears into a 100-crore company by 2022, for me, this is just the Beginning. Big Bears are here to make brands grow and thrive in today’s competitive and changing markets. We are here to ride the big Digital wave; offering our clients value-for-money ideas, where each spend is justified and fruitful. Led by top-notch professionals who have shone in the fields of Advertising, Creativity, and Digital Marketing, we are a strong team of experts who can synergize their talents and experience to create powerful campaigns that work. Our 360-degree Services include ATL, TTL, and BTL Advertising. Beginning with Brand Identity and Communications Strategy, we are into TVCs, Corporate Films, FULL-FLEDGED Digital Marketing, Print, Outdoors, Exhibitions, and Guerilla Marketing. Our rich experience spans Product and Services Brands, Corporate Communication, and Recruitment Advertising at National and International levels. Advertising, Digital Marketing, FULL-FLEDGED Digital Marketing, Print, Outdoors, Exhibitions, Guerilla Marketing, Corporate Films, Product and Services Brands, Corporate Communication, Recruitment Advertising, 360-degree Services

Nisha Bengani Gandhi with the 100 Smartest Digital Marketing Leaders award bestowed by the World Digital Marketing Congress.