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ICICI Lombard introduces new benefits in its health insurance policies,online news,Mumbai, June 19, 2020: ICICI Lombard General Insurance, India’s largest private sector non-life insurance company, has rolled out a host of offerings for its health indemnity customers, in light of the coronavirus pandemic. These introductions further embellish the company’s current health insurance offerings such as Complete Health Insurance. The additional benefits and relaxations have been arrived at, keeping in mind the challenges faced by customers due to Covid-19 pandemic and the associated lockdown. The endeavor is to enhance customer experience and benefits in the current environment. This initiative is in line with ICICI Lombard’s philosophy of ‘Nibhaye Vaade’ and going the extra mile for its customers in times of need. 

New additions at glance:

  • Waiting period on new policies has been reduced to 15 days (from 30 days earlier) for COVID-related inpatient claims
    • The reduced waiting period is being offered without any increase in premium.
    • It will apply to all health indemnity policies including Complete Health Insurance, Health Booster, Healthcare Plus, and Group Health Insurance plans.
    • This move will ensure convenience and greater peace of mind to the policyholder.
  • Home Healthcare benefit
    • As part of this offering, customers can get themselves treated at home instead of having to avail hospitalization to avail insurance claim.
    • This will significantly benefit those customers who wish to avail treatment for any ailment in the safe environment of their home, rather than a hospital, thereby ensuring social distancing.
  • Continuation of ‘No Claim Bonus’ even in the event of a Covid-19 related claim
    • The company will continue to offer No Claim Bonus’ even in the case of a COVID-19 claim.
    • Additional Sum Insured (ASI) accrued in the policy will not be impacted, if the insured is hospitalized due to Covid-19 thus providing much-needed financial relief to customers.
    • The said benefit will be provided in ICICI Lombard’s Complete Health Insurance and health booster plans.
ICICI Lombard introduces new benefits in its health insurance policies
ICICI Lombard introduces new benefits in its health insurance policies

Commenting on the occasion, Sanjeev Mantri, Executive Director, ICICI Lombard GIC said, “At ICICI Lombard, we believe in hand holding our customers in their hour of need. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to throw new challenges, we thought it important to embellish our health insurance proposition to ensure that we effectively meet the emerging needs of our customers. The additional benefits, offered at no extra cost, should enable our policyholders to derive maximum benefit from their health insurance cover.”Since the outbreak of COVID-19, ICICI Lombard has taken several measures for the benefit of its customers. This includes launch of a dedicated ‘COVID-19 Protection Cover’. Further, the company has offered a host of digital solutions to its customers across web, mobile and apps. It has also simplified many of its processes pertaining to policy purchase, renewal, claims etc. ICICI Lombard has always aimed to be ahead of the curve and offer industry-first initiatives to its customers, thus staying true to its ethos of “Nibhaaye Vaade” (Keeping Promises).