Fri. Apr 19th, 2024 Online News, March 17, 2024: No matter how hard you make videos on YouTube, are you worried about not getting views..? But this will give you some useful tips. Here are some points for that. Just follow these..

Not only will the number of views on your YouTube channel increase, but YouTube will start sending you video suggestions. Let’s know about them.

By following these tips you can take your YouTube channel to the number one position.

YouTube, the world’s largest video streaming platform, is used by billions of people. Many people watch videos on it. There are some people who make videos here.

If you are among them and your YouTube channel is not getting views then in this article we are providing YouTube tips, if you follow them, your channel will rank first in search.

Quality content..

If you are running a YouTube channel then you need to provide quality content on it. You should be first in the search. YouTube algorithm doesn’t promote videos from channels that don’t have good content. Due to this they also don’t get proper views. Not only on YouTube ranking.. you need to pay special attention to some points.

Catchy title..

For any YouTube video to rank, it is important that its title is attractive to the viewers. Therefore, you should focus on making the title catchy in fewer words.


Thumbnail plays a very important role for a video. If the video thumbnail is not good, the quality content you put up will not be useful. If no one clicks on the video it is very difficult to increase YouTube ranking.

Business aspect..

If you are a YouTube creator then you should choose a business related topic for the video. Making videos on trading topics will increase the chances of getting views on YouTube. Whatever the type of video, the topic should be trending. Such things are worth more.

Description, Keywords..

If you make a video on YouTube, you should pay special attention to the description and keywords. The description written below the video should be relevant to the video. While putting in keywords, you should also keep trading keywords in mind.