Sat. Jul 20th, 2024 online news,Mumbai, July 4, 2024: Fruit panasa. Another name for it is jackfruit. It is the biggest fruit. Antioxidants and vitamins abound in jackfruit. Protein, calcium, iron, and potassium are also present. Every component of the jackfruit has several uses.

This fruit is great for making a wide variety of tasty meals. The worldwide food market is seeing a rise in the availability of jackfruit. The national fruit of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh is jackfruit. According to legend, the Portuguese jockey is the source of the name “jackfruit,” which is native to the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The purpose of Jackfruit Day is to raise awareness of the fruit’s health advantages.
For diabetics and others with heart issues, jackfruit is particularly beneficial. It lowers blood pressure. enhances the flow of blood.

It’s also a useful medication for people with thyroid issues and asthma. According to medical professionals, eating raw jackfruit on a regular basis decreases blood sugar and jackfruit pulp is beneficial for decreasing cholesterol.

ఇదికూడా చదవండి: ప్యారిస్‌లోని గ్యాలరీస్ లాఫెయెట్ ఫ్లాగ్‌షిప్ స్టోర్‌లో అందుబాటులోకి యూపీఐ

ఇదికూడా చదవండి: ప్రపంచ ఎంఎస్ఎంఈ దినోత్సవం సందర్భంగా దేశవ్యాప్త అధ్యయనం ‘వి బిజినెస్రెడీ ఫర్ నెక్ట్స్ ఎంఎస్ఎంఈ గ్రోత్ ఇన్‌సైట్స్ స్టడీ విడుదల..

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