Tue. Oct 3rd, 2023

365Telugu.com Online news,Hyderabad, 9th June 2023 : The JITO Youth Wing hosted a remarkable speaker session featuring Aman Gupta, the visionary founder of the widely acclaimed brand, Boat. Taking place on 9th June 2023 at “The Colosseum”, the event aims to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs and foster a culture of innovation and growth within the startup community. Gupta’s invaluable insights and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship will undoubtedly provide an enriching experience for all attendees.

Addressing the Session Aman Gupta shared his insights on his journey, initiating with struggles he went through becoming an entrepreneur, he started his career after completing CA (Which he mentions, he did for his family), as he was inclined towards Sales & Marketing, he added how he started his business with his dad and today, his brand is Worlds 2nd Leading Wearable brand after Apple, he said “about doing various jobs at various companies and how he failed in other startups before being successful with BOAT” .

He praised the Make in India Initiative, which helped his company grow, he motivated the young entrepreneurs of Hyderabad on becoming more focused on their business and they too can be there at his position, he ended his sessions “sharing his pictures of his visit to “Cannes” and also a picture at “Harvard Business School” (Harvard Business School wrote a Case Study on BOAT Success).     

This speaker session was meticulously organized by JITO Youth Wing Hyderabad, under the leadership of Chairperson Mr. Ankit Bhutoria,  Chief Secretary Mr. Akshay Jain and Treasurer Saksham Sabhadra, Rajat Mehta, Prakash Sethiya, Paresh Shah, Aditya Lodha and Pritesh Jain were amongst the other prominent people who attended the event.  

JITO Youth Wing is a dynamic community of young entrepreneurs and professionals, which aims to empower and equip budding startups with the essential tools to navigate the intricate startup landscape. Gupta’s awe-inspiring progression from a startup founder to an industry titan will serve as an unparalleled source of inspiration, offering invaluable insights and practical guidance on building a thriving business from the ground up.

The Jito Youth Wing’s Speaker Session with Aman Gupta curated by Kapil Jain, Nilesh Nahar and others is an event of paramount significance, compelling all aspiring entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and industry professionals to participate actively, as it holds the key to attaining a competitive edge in the dynamic business landscape. This is an unparalleled occasion to engage with a visionary leader who has redefined the consumer electronics market and left an indelible mark on the startup ecosystem.