Sun. Jun 16th, 2024 online news,May 3,2024:Parliament,United Kingdom–Miss Kalasha of Kalasha Foundation, has received esteemed recognition as “Globally the Youngest social worker”, along with an Honorary Doctorate, for her relentless dedication to humanitarian causes.

United Nations Global Peace Council (UNGPC), organised the London Award of Excellence during the International Peace conclave bestowed the prestigious Award as “Globally the Youngest social worker”, along with an Honorary Doctorate in association with United States of America International University, upon Kalasha Naidu during a grand ceremony held at the Palace of Westminster House of Lords, London.

UNGP & United States of America International University felicitated Miss Kalasha Naidu with a Honorary Doctorate, for her exemplary services in the field of public service. UK Council of Ministers, London city Mayor, all the members of Parliament and Indian High Commissioner in Great Britain will be gracing this felicitation. This award and honorary Doctorate are presented for the Social service across many nations, that Miss Kalasha has rendered.

Miss Kalasha Naidu addressed the British Parliament and the Parliament members and delivered a speech for Two minute duration. An Audio Visual of 2 minute length about Miss Kalasha Naidu was played in the London Parliament. Great Britain Prime Minister, Mr. Rishi Sunak could not be present at the felicitation as he was attending the Parliament Question Hour.

“This award is a recognition for the Globally extraordinary talent and Social service rendered by Miss Kalasha Naidu. This is an occasion to celebrate hard work and commitment demonstrated by Miss Kalasha Naidu in the field of public service across various sections deserves appreciation.

This honor is a mark of respect and would act as beacon of excellence in the field of excellence in the field of public service. I am personally delighted to be a part of this event and invite her for a high tea as well a tour of the Parliament in recognition of her extraordinary service and this personal achievement”, said the Great Britain Prime Minister in his personal invite.

A Decade –Her life’s first decade, dedicated to Social upliftment for the past ten years, Kalasha Foundation has actively contributed to various social causes. Their endeavours encompass school development, educational initiatives, livelihood improvement for the underprivileged, and support for other vulnerable groups. Notably, the foundation has organized numerous child-centric activities by involving and encouraging the celebrities. These activities include:

  • Akshara Kalasham – Providing educational stipends
  • Green Run – Promoting the Swatch Bharat (Clean India) campaign
  • Undertaking road maintenance projects
  • Recognizing small-screen celebrities
  • Raising awareness about environmental protection

Kalasha Foundation operates on a set of core values: Identifying talent, fostering its growth, collaborating with other social service providers, honouring accomplished individuals from diverse fields, and pursuing both long-term and short-term goals to ensure sustainable impact.

The foundation’s name honours baby Kalasha Naidu, who served as the inspiration for its establishment on the very day she was born. Today, the organization stands tall after a decade of remarkable achievements.

Kalasha’s parents envisioned her as a future social activist. By founding the Kalasha Foundation, they paved the way for her to carve her own path in social service. Kalasha has not only embraced her parents’ dream but has also propelled the foundation to even greater heights.

Seeds of Social Work Blossomed Kalasha Naidu into a Powerful Force. Her parents instilled in her a deep commitment to social work, which have blossomed into Kalasha Foundation, a formidable force within the social service sector.

Kalasha herself has been recognized for her dedication, hard work and commitment and has received numerous awards such as the Delhi Telugu Academy Social Service Excellence Award, the Bala Bharathi Title, the Internationally Acclaimed Youngest Social Worker Award, and the International Woman Felicitation.

A Future Filled with Promise:Kalasha’s parents see her as a potential successor to inspiring figures like Greta Thunberg, the Swedish environmental activist, and Malala Yousafzai, the internationally acclaimed advocate for girls’ education.

This recent award is viewed as a stepping stone towards Kalasha’s emergence on the global stage, representing India in the years to come as a champion for social welfare and environmental protection.

Moving Forward with Renewed Motivation: Following the award ceremony, Kalasha’s father expressed his gratitude, acknowledging the recognition as a significant motivator for both Kalasha Naidu and the entire foundation.

He rearmed their commitment to continuing their work and empowering an ever-increasing number of individuals to achieve improved livelihoods and living standards.

Kalasha, overwhelmed by the recognition, humbly attributed her success to the unwavering support and guidance of her parents throughout her journey. Working with the foundation has deepened her understanding of social service dynamics, and this global recognition has undoubtedly bolstered her spirit to continue her endeavours.

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