Sun. Dec 3rd, 2023
Madi-Movie Online News, Hyderabad, November 8th,2022: The movie Madi is being produced by Ram Kishan under the banner of Pragathi Pictures. Presented by RV Reddy as co-producers of RV Cinemas, this movie is going to entertain the audience soon. The film starring Sriram Nimmala and Richa Joshi has completed its post production works.

The film is directed by Naga Dhanush and is composed by PVR Raja. Coming as a romantic love story, “Madi” will mirror the thinking of the youth of this generation and the story will be told in an innovative way. Story-wise, the film has five songs sung by Raghu Kunche, Sunitha, Ramya Behara, Deepu, Sai Charan and Harini.


After completing the censor process, Madi will be released in theaters on November 11. The film was shot in the surrounding areas of Vizag, Rajahmundry and Hyderabad. Producer Ram Kishan and co-producer Srinivas Ramireddy said that the film will entertain all sections of the audience.


Sriram Nimmala, Richa Joshi, Ram Kishan, Srikanth Byroj, Sneha Madhuri Sharma, Yogi Katri, Srinivas etc.


Story-Narrative-Lyrics-Direction: Naga Dhanush
Cameraman: Vijay Tagore
Music: PVR Raja
Art: Vijay
Editor: Pradeep. Jambiga
Lyrics: Kadali, Poorna Chari
Producers: Ram Kishan
Co-Producer: Srinivas Ramireddy
PRO: Sridhar