Sat. Jul 13th, 2024 online news, India,June 18, 2024: MSN Laboratories, one of India’s fast-growing research-based pharmaceutical companies, has signed an MOU with Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani’s Work Integrated Learning Programmes (WILP) division, in an endeavour to elevate educational opportunities for their Self-Directed Teams (SDTs) within the formulation units.

This collaboration aims to help their professionals in keeping pace with the rapid global pharmaceutical industry evolution and in preparing them for their designated roles, which in turn will aid MSN Labs in addressing the ever-changing business requirements.

As part of the collaboration, theprofessionals will also undergo training to operate machinery and fulfil roles within different production departments, by working closely with their senior staff members.

Need to nurture professional development through enhanced learning experiences

MSN Laboratories operates 25 world-class, state-of-the-art manufacturing units across Hyderabad and the USA. Recently, they onboarded young budding professionals who have completed their 10+2 higher school program.

To ensure seamless integration and equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary for driving sustainable progress in the pharmaceutical industry, MSN Laboratories has partnered with BITS Pilani.

As of now, sixty team members from MSN Laboratories’ formulation division have been enrolled in the B.Sc. Pharmaceutical Science program offered by BITS Pilani WILP.

Delighted to announce MSN Laboratories’ collaboration with BITS Pilani for the continuous learning and growth of our employees, Dr. MSN Reddy, CMD, MSN Laboratories, said,“As the leader of this rapidly growing research-based pharmaceutical company, I deeply believe that the true strength of our success lies in our people.

Engaging and nurturing internal talent is not just a principle, but also the mission of our organisation. We are committed to continuing to invest in their growth and development, ensuring that together, we reach new heights.”

Expressing the value that professionals of MSN Laboratoriescan derive from this collaboration, Prof. G. Sundar, Director, Off-Campus Programmes & Industry Engagement, BITS Pilani, said, “Considering the ever-evolving demands of the pharmaceutical industry, this strategic collaboration not only helps address the immediate need of MSN Laboratoriesfor highly competent working professionals, but also aids them in nurturing a pool of skilled professionals over a period of time.

And beyond numbers, more importantly, the focus is on providing quality education by maintaining high standards that BITS Pilani has been known for several decades now.

Additionally, the flexibility provided by our programme allows participants to maintain a healthy balance between their professional commitments (which includes work and learning) and time for their personal life and pursuits, which is especially even more important, considering that they are young professionals.”

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