Sat. Apr 20th, 2024 online news, March 20,2024 : Oral health is also important for the human body. Poor oral health can have a profound effect on other organs in the body. Many types of health problems arise. Several studies have shown that oral health problems such as gum disease and tooth decay increase the risk of heart disease, metabolic syndrome, pulmonary disorders, obesity, kidney problems, and diabetes.

Many people have many misconceptions about oral health. Some of these must be known. It is very important to take care of the health of teeth and gums. However, many people neglect oral health. Very few people know about oral health. Today, on the occasion of World Oral Health Day, let’s learn about some myths and facts about oral health.

Myth: Are teeth healthy only if they are white?

Fact : The truth is that white teeth are not necessarily healthy. Tooth enamel is white in color. Dentin is the yellow inner part of the tooth. If your enamel is thin or worn away for some reason, your teeth will look yellow.

Myth : Children don’t need to brush their teeth…

Fact: Toddlers should brush twice a day after teething. If children’s teeth are not properly cleaned, there is a risk of tooth decay. They can seriously harm their health in the long run. So it is very important to clean the teeth.

Myth: Are you brushing your teeth fast and for a long time?

Fact: If you brush your teeth too fast or brush too many times a day, it can damage your teeth. Moreover, the damage to the enamel and gums makes it difficult to eat or drink.

Myth: Is gum disease serious..?

Fact: Gum disease is not a disease confined to the mouth. Bacteria in the gums can also spread to other parts of the body. Many studies show that gum disease can cause heart disease, diabetes and many types of cancer.

ఇది కూడా చదవండి.. అతితక్కు వధరకే ఆర్గానిక్ మిరపకాయలు, కారం పొడి.. ఎక్కడికైనా పంపబడును..

ఇది కూడా చదవండి.. : 2024లో ఓటువేయనున్న400 కోట్ల ఓటర్లు

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