Mon. May 20th, 2024 online news,goa,November 22,2021:Pulkit Makol (Abeer) rose to fame after SonyLIV’s show ‘Your Honor’ which is back with a season 2. After recklessly murdering a fearsome gangster’s brother in season 1, Bishan Khosla’s (Jimmy Sheirgill) son is threatened with the prospect of imprisonment in this season. While Abeer’s character comes out as a layered one and full of action in Your Honor 2, the actor has sincerely worked towards it and nothing proves it like his preparation that went behind.

The most thrilling aspect of acting is to challenge one’s creativity and comfort zone, and Pulkit’s performance in Your Honor is a reflection of that. Pulkit Makol undertook three-months of training for Kallaripayattu, India’s oldest martial art to get into the skin of his character. With the changing graph of his character, the mindset and the body language also needed to be reflected upon. To get the characteristics right the makers of the show decided to get Pulkit trained for Kallaripayattu.

Speaking about the challenges faced while Kallaripayattu,“Four months  prior to the shoot I was sent to Goa to learn Kallaripyattu where I trained as a martial artist for 3 months. The interesting part was learning diverse animal movements and understand different parts of my anatomy, which in turn helped me figure out what animal characteristics resonates with my character as Abeer. It gave me the mindset of a fighter, taught me discipline and the never give up attitude which was required to play Abeer in this season.”Well, the entire transformation of Abeer from season 1 to season 2 is very interesting and something to look forward to in Your Honor 2. The show is produced by Applause Entertainment in association with Sphereorigins and is directed by E-Niwas Your Honor 2 is streaming on SonyLIV