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Shoppers Stop brings you trendy at-home nail art DIY tips this Nail Polish Day,online news,National,May 30, 2020: Nail painting has evolved from merely painting your nails with the season’s new nail polish colours into a thriving industry of full-fledged nail salons and artists. The rise of these nail art designs, and nail polish ideas have given women the opportunity to make a style statement with their fingertips as well. Today, it is possible to achieve designer nails with easy nail design techniques. From bubble gum stripes to holographic glitter polish, here’s a list of trendy DIY nail art ideas you can experiment with, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Colour-Block Nails

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Colour-blocking is one of the easy nail designs that involves painting different geometric shapes onto your nails by combining complimentary hues. For this, pair bright and subtle tones from new nail polish colours.

  • Apply a clear base coat
  • Paint all the nails with the lighter colour and let the paint dry completely
  • Cut tape into small triangles and place one triangle on each nail. Ensure the tape is firmly in place
  • Apply the next colour over these triangles; go for double coats if needed, but make sure the first coat is dry before applying the second
  • Once the nail polish dries, gently remove the tape, and apply a clear top coat

Embellished Crystal Nails

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Accentuating the nails with crystals, pearls, beads, and embellished stones is not just stylish, but also a lot of fun. There are numerous easy nail designs that you can create with crystal embellishments. These designs can be the perfect accessory for teaming with sophisticated and trendy outfits for weddings and social events.

  • Apply a base coat, followed by the base nail colour you want
  • Once the polish has dried, take a stick, and dab a bit of basecoat on it, pick a rhinestone and place it directly on the nail
  • Put as many stones or other embellishments to further enhance your nails by repeating the same process
  • Apply a top coat to secure all the embellishments in place

Floral Nail Art

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Summer is here in full swing, and it is time to wear floral shades and designs; yes, even on your nails! Brighten up any dull day with this funky, colourful DIY nail art design and wear it to brunch or a shopping trip to the mall. Here is how to do it:

  • Apply two coats of white nail paint over fresh nails
  • Use a thin paint brush, dip it the colour of your choice and create small floral designs
  • Use another colour and repeat the same around the previous flowers
  • Finish with a top coat

Glitter Nail Art

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This DIY nail art is all about glamour! Use bright colours or nude tones against some shimmery glitter polish to achieve an easy nail design that is modern and futuristic. Glitter nails are an excellent choice for parties and offer a holographic effect around your nails.

  • Apply two coats of brown or dusty pink nail paint and let it dry completely
  • Place tape diagonally across each nail to divide it diagonally
  • Paint one side with a glitter nail polish
  • Gently remove the tape once the glitter nail paint dries and apply a thin top coat of clear nail paint

Classic French Manicure

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The classic French manicure is an evergreen style, but now, it gets an upgrade thanks to the rise of trendy nail polish ideas. Experimenting with metallic tips, rainbow patterns, and everything in between has brought about a style of French manicure has been reinvented and how. This classy style is versatile and suits every occasion, from a day at work to a lawn party. Here’s how to get the look.

  • Soak your hands in warm water and remove all dirt from underneath the nails for clean cuticles
  • Buff your nails well and smoothen them for a coat of clear base
  • Once the base is dry, apply guides or de-glued tape on your nails
  • Paint the tips of the nails with a white nail colour. Apply two coats if needed and let it dry
  • You can either finish with a top coat or use some glitter polish to enhance your French manicure

If you loved these easy nail designs, try them out at home to spruce up any ensemble for any occasion!

Don’t forget to take care of your nails on a regular basis at home. Strong, healthy nails are ultimately a source of pride for people of all genders. They make our hands look clean, elegant, and well maintained. Here are a few ways to make sure your nails stay long and strong, and forever pink.

  1. Skip the Mani-Pedi: Contrary to popular opinion, don’t go for regular manicures. The harsh chemicals normally used during the process may succeed in making you feel pampered and well cared for, but can actually strip away the protective layers over your nails and dry out your hands, and over time, harm the health and texture of both. To make up for it, learn to give yourself a manicure and use products that will be kind to your skin and nails. Your wallet will thank you too!

Speaking of chemicals, always keep a pair or two of rubber gloves around, and use them whenever you do any cleaning, whether you’re soaking the laundry or doing the dishes, or even a spot of gardening. You definitely want to keep the bleaches and dish soaps away from your hands.

  1. Don’t bother with nail hardeners: Though you may find a lot of people swearing by these products, the fact of the matter is that they have not been studied in a lab to prove their claims, nor are the products tested over a long period of time. If you do find such a nail hardener, go for it, but don’t expect major results: they likely won’t work unless you have exceptionally weak nails. The bottom line is, nail hardeners make your nails less flexible, but flexibility is a sign of healthy nails, so don’t do something that will actually make your nails more brittle
  2. Use a nail cream or oil: Or both. Concentrate the use of the nail cream on your cuticles along with your nail bed. Some oils and creams may claim to promote nail strength and growth, but in most cases, this remains to be proven. However, cuticle oils and creams serve to hydrate your nails and cuticles, which make them look smoother and healthier, and also protect from brittle nails. Be on the lookout for creams with silicone or MSM, as these nutrients are also associated with nail growth and strength.
  3. Biotin supplements: Belonging to the B complex family, biotin is great for both your nails and hair. This supplement has been shown to increase nail thickness while also making it stronger and less prone to breaking, chipping, or splitting. The suggested dosage for biotin supplements is 2.5 mg on a daily basis.
  4. Invest in high quality nail polish and polish removers: High levels of acetone in low quality products will do a lot of damage to your nails, especially if you are a fan of frequently applying nail paint. We don’t blame you for wanting beautiful nails but invest in high quality products that use minimal amounts of acetone.

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