Thu. Dec 7th, 2023 online news,Hyderabad 12th October, 2023: Guru Nanak Institutions organized TEDx talk where 150 students attended the TEDxGNI. TEDx  is an event that brings together a diverse community of intellectuals, change-makers, and creative thinkers to share their ideas and experiences on a global stage.

TEDx Talk is a platform to connect people from various genres of the society and share their views on a particular aspect.  

The event featured a lineup of remarkable speakers, each with a unique perspective and a compelling narratives. Their talks challenged the conventional thinking and explored unconventional concepts, encouraging a reassessment of assumptions about the path that lies ahead.

Speaking on the occasion Sardar Gagandeep Singh Kohli-Vice Chairman Guru Nanak Institutions said  “this event will help students develop their perspective on a specific topics by taking inputs from personalities representing various genres of society.

Dr H.S Saini, Managing Director Guru Nanak Institutions said we at Guru Nanak Institutions take many initiatives for student development.

Mr. Vinay Chopra-Director Corporate Relations Guru Nanak Institutions said we have many such events lined up throughout the year for the students.


  • Kranti Kiran Reddy (Managing Director, Janapriya)

Experienced as Developer who has Conceived, executed and delivered Real Estate Projects in Hyderabad & Bangalore in the Affordable and High end Villas & Apartments Category. Ensured that the Company acquires skills in the Construction space with usage of high end Precast and German formwork capabilities to control Quality and manage Costs.

Enhanced the Company’s hard core pursuit of end to end – In house Construction capabilities with implementation of Concrete Manufacturing, Sand Manufacturing, Concrete wall manufacturing & other extensive mechanisation in Buildings.

The topics he covered-

How to keep you in a community healthy and happy where you get every amenities?

  • Uma Rao Ganduri (CHRO Granules India | TISS | Sr HR Leader)

With over 30 years of experience in human resources, I am a strategic HR leader who has worked closely with business in managing mission critical projects and assignments in multiple sectors, including pharma, auto, IT, petroleum, and manufacturing.

The topics she covered-

She explained what is gender balance, healthy feminism, equal economic participation, educational attainment, health and survival and political employment by the perspective of today’s generation females.

  • Piyush Kumar

(Vice President Make My Trip, At the Intersection of Data, AI, and Travel – Uncovering the Secrets to Personalized Journeys at TEDxGNI.)

With over decade of professional experience in building large scale high performance systems, website operations, developing & architecting Data Products and Streaming Data Platform.

The topics he covered-

He Spoke On

How AI is helping to make our life much more easy and convenient.

How human is ready to embrace the upcoming A.I technologies

  • Siv Ram Shastri Jonnalagadda

(Full-stack Developer & Co-founder of Hyderabad DAO)

Siv Ram is a gifted individual who strives to learn new things and take on new challenges in order to grow as a person. He is a Full Stack Developer, Tech Consultant, and Public Speaker & a Web3 Community Builder. He has 4+ years of experience in managing communities, hosting monthly meet-ups, conferences & hackathons. Till date, he has hosted more than 100+ events both online and offline educating more than 10,000+ Developers on Web Development, Cloud & Blockchain Technologies.

The topics he covered-

He explained what is blockchain. And how can it be useful in preventing data breach or tamper.

  • Narayanan S

(Co-founder & CBO Unschool | Enterprise Sales & Product Expert | Podcaster & Career Coach)

Narayanan is the Co-Founder & CBO of Unschool that ranks 3rd on Linkedin’s 2020 Startup List in India and is funded by Y Combinator. He is a college dropout turned entrepreneur, public speaker, consultant, corporate trainer, and has volunteered for AIESEC for close to 6 years. His life’s vision is to inspire young people across the world and with his startup, wants to reform the way of learning.

The topics he covered-

He explained about critical thinking communication collaboration and creativity.

  • Zubair Ali

(Hyderabad Food Diaries Owner | 13 Best Food Influencer Awards |Founder Buzz Business Solutions)

He become a food expert over time. It took me 9 years to reach where he is today. It all started while he was doing industrial training in the 2nd year of college. His journey as a “foodie” began while he was training in the kitchen at the Marriott Hotel.

The topics he covered-

Make an impact in society as an individual and How to never give up.

  • Crisna Chaitanya Reddy (Founder Create U | Story Teller Professional Aptitude Trainer Writer | Orator)

Crisna Chaitanya Reddy is a teacher by passion, writer, orator and an inspiration to students in Telangana. He and his brother started a company -Create U- to help graduate level students understand various academic concepts in a better manner and with his practical approach, he impacted many youngsters.

An MBA from JNTU Hyderabad, he has also bagged many awards for his writings, like the best author award for his book “Alochimpachese”. In this chapter of FYI talks, he spoke to stuMagz on what it took him to reach where he is and his journey overall.

The topics he covered-

-Don’t be hungry for likes and comments in daily life from social media because it will spoil our prime.

-how social media is dooming and damaging our life.

  • Supriyo Chakraborty (Entrepreneur | LGBTQIA+ rights activist | Wedding Planner | Teacher)

Mr. Supriyo Chakraborty is an entrepreneur, an advocate for Inclusion and Diversity, and he self-identifies as using the pronouns He/His/Him. Prior to his most recent endeavour, Gulnar Events, he worked as a lecturer at a chain of International Hotel Schools affiliated to the University of West London (UK). Mr. Supriyo has a degree in hospitality from Edinburgh Napier University (UK) and has worked for a major hotel chain, Hyatt International since the beginning of his career.

The topics he covered

He explained the legal and social aspects of LGBTQ marriage.