Sat. Jul 20th, 2024 Online News, June 23rd, 2024 : The NEET-PG exam was scheduled to be held today, but the government canceled it on June 22. Students are disappointed with the cancellation of this exam. Candidates complain that it is inappropriate to cancel the exam at the last moment.

If they have to reschedule the exam, they should announce at least a few days in advance. He said that the examination centers were not properly distributed and the candidates were given far away places as examination centres. Vadodara students were told that the exam centers were in Nashik, Madhya Pradesh and when they reached there, the exam was postponed. Everyone is facing a lot of difficulties.

Speaking about the postponement of NEET-PG exam, the candidate said, “NEET-PG exam paper was leaked, NEET-PG was postponed 12 hours ago, NEET-SSC exam date is not announced yet.”

This shows how much the government cares about the health sector. The victims are demanding that the Union Health Minister and the Union Education Minister should apologize for their actions, that the students and doctors had to travel a long way to come here for the exams and that they had to spend a lot of money. On an average, each candidate spent Rs. 10,000 and the government should pay for these expenses.