Fri. Jul 19th, 2024 online news, July 1,2024:The Food Safety and Quality Department met to prohibit the sale of dangerous panipuri after a sample was analyzed and proven to be toxic. The sauce used to prepare pani puri is also expected to be outlawed.

The Food Safety Standards Department collected 78 panipuri samples from throughout the state and sent them to the lab. The department officials reported that 18 of these samples were unsafe for human consumption.

That is why it is stated that a decision will be made during today’s meeting. The khatta-meetha sauce, which improves the flavor of panipuri and masala puri, is thought to contain a potentially dangerous ingredient. This uses artificial color. Its consumption.

According to reports, the ingredient “Sunset Yellow” used in the artificial color, in particular, not only harms children’s digestive systems, but also has a direct negative impact on adults’ health.

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