Thu. Jul 18th, 2024 online news,July 5th,2024:Worldwide, campaigns and warnings are being launched to stop the overuse and abuse of antibiotics. since using them has a lot of negative repercussions.

The Family Health Center in Koyyur Kakkodi Panchayat rose to prominence as Kerala’s state pride and was the nation’s first antibiotic smart center. The Panchayat’s unique initiatives and raising public knowledge of the risks associated with antibiotic use were key factors in this achievement.

In this initiative, Kozhikode’s Kakkodi panchayat has set an example by developing and putting into action original strategies to combat antibiotic abuse. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of several departments, including Kudumbashree and Harita Karma Sena, as well as numerous farmers within the Panchayat, Kakodi Panchayat Family Health Center has garnered international notice.

It is currently acknowledged as the nation’s first antibiotic smart center. Prior to the state’s Antibiotic Literacy Order going into force, the panchayat had time to create its own plans. After gathering data on medications issued by private pharmacies, the panchayat received antibiotics in a designated package.

Kakkodi Panchayat has been given special attention by panchayat officials to become an Antibiotic Smart Village. For this, creative projects are being carried out.

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