Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024 online news,January 28th, 2024 : Winter is a special time in India. Its beauty often boils down to the special winter foods available across the country. If you are a foodie looking for a great food adventure in India, winter is the perfect time to explore the best food in India.

Kolkata for Nolan Guru..

A Bengali kitchen is full of rice flour and nolan jaggery on cold winter mornings, a fragrance that is sure to evoke nostalgia. It is the only jaggery that Bengalis always crave, date jaggery is highly respected and cherished by the people of the entire state of West Bengal. It is made from rice flour and coconut. Again the rasagulla is also upgraded with this green. Winter is really a good time for sweet lovers in the state.

Punjab for mustard..

If you haven’t eaten Sarsan Ka Saag with Makki Di Roti, you haven’t really experienced winter in North India. This delicious spinach preparation is best enjoyed in the state of Punjab and eaten during winters. This combination is a darling, all you have to do to take it to the next level is add a dollop of butter. Finish it off with a tall glass of refreshing lassi.

Varanasi for Malayalis.

Whatever you call it, this winter treat is something to look forward to. People in Delhi also call it Daulat Ki Chaat or Nimish, the fact is that it is a super hit sweet. Made with milk, fresh cream, saffron, dry fruits and sugar, this dish will warm your heart during the cold months. Sit on the ghats of Varanasi at sunset and eat this plate of bliss.

Goa for garden..

Christmas joy, its flavor is unique around December. The cake is made of semolina and coconut. Ideally there was a pie, but it turned out to be late. It is also known as bath cake. It is best to end your Christmas meal in Goa. Of course Christmas is a time of celebration in Goa, with many dishes prepared during this time, which is definitely a highlight.

Sikkim/Ladakh for thukpa..

If you are visiting Sikkim or Ladakh this winter, you must try thukpa. A delicious noodle soup dish packed with nutrients. Perfect for winter days. It’s a super bowl full of great additions, including a delicious noodle. You can have it vegetarian or add meat too. Don’t forget to finish the soup at the end.

Gujarat for millet roti..

A great addition to the state’s winter diet, it is an essential winter diet. Also known as bajra rotla, this type of roti is thicker. Add white butter to enhance its flavor, but definitely pair with vegetables for a complete meal. You can eat it with eggplant bhartha, dal or garlic chutney.

Gajar Ka Halwa for North India..

You might call it India’s answer to the western carrot cake, but a better one. This delicious winter sweet is made with carrot, milk, ghee, dry fruits and other ingredients. A staple in the Indian kitchen, the wonder of gajar ka halwa is understood only by those who grew up on it. A delightful dish, round off your dinner with this.

Rajasthan for gum laddoos..

When it’s winter in Rajasthan, the cold will definitely get you. This is the time to eat Gond Laddu. The delicious sweet treat is actually very nutritious. Perfect for winter days. Gond is basically an edible gum which is rich in iron and protein. It is made with dry fruits and wheat among other ingredients.