Thu. May 30th, 2024 Online News, May 5th, 2023: Currently, smart watches are available in the market with various features. Today we will know about the latest smart watch with super features. It will be cheaper. Market experts say that its features will give tough competition to smart watches of other companies. Urban Pro M Smartwatch: The company launched its budget smartwatch a few days back. This smart watch is very lightweight. We had the opportunity to review this watch.

The company has designed a smart watch box in a yellow-white color combination. It is transparent from above. The special features of the watch are highlighted on the back of the box. Along with the watch, warranty card, user manual guide, charging cable are available in the box.

The watch looks very simple, sober, but the watch straps are similar to the Apple Watch. The watch case is made of premium zinc alloy. It is lightweight yet provides strength at the same time. This watch has a 1.91-inch HD display, which is quite large. Thick bezels are available around the display to make its display appear larger. In addition, there is also a functional crown on the right side of the watch.

It allows easy navigation through watch menus. Overall the watch looks great. If you are looking for a classy looking watch, this watch is a good choice.

Navigating the menu..

When the watch is on, you get access to all hot keys i.e. all functions by swiping to the left. From here you can easily access them. A swipe to the right brings up the basic function interface. Also, swiping down brings up the Control Center, swiping up brings up the message screen. You can access features like Do Not Disturb, Power Saving Mode, Menu Style Settings, Phone Call Mode by going to Control Center.

Many health features in the watch..

The watch has almost all important health features that help you track your daily activities. Health features include heart rate monitor, BP monitor, stress monitor, sleep monitor -SpO2 monitor. They are also very easy to access.

To access these features, you need to swipe on the smartwatch screen. Although these features show mostly accurate readings, the company says it is not a medical device.

You can also call from your wrist.

The watch supports Bluetooth calling. It includes dial pad, recent call and contact option. You can also make calls by dialing numbers from the dial pad. That means if you want to talk on the go, you can enjoy calling directly from the watch without having to take the phone out of your pocket. This is very useful when you are working or driving a car.

How is the battery..?

The battery backup of the smartwatch seemed very strong. If you use it normally, the watch will last about 7 days on a full charge. You will be surprised to know that the watch gets 15 days or a full 360 hours of standby time.

It takes about one and a half to two hours for the watch to fully charge. For this charging, a charging cable is available inside the watch box itself, which comes with a magnetic charging dock.

A lightweight design with a classy look is available in the watch. Due to its strap, its appearance resembles the Apple Watch. It is priced at Rs 2499 on Flipkart.