Thu. Dec 7th, 2023 online news,October 7th,2023: Shocking things have come to light in a report. Accordingly, the problem of headache in India is increasing rapidly. The impact of the corona epidemic has affected the mental health of the people.

Cases of stress and tension have increased. According to this latest report, India has been severely affected by Corona. Due to this, the cases of headache have increased significantly in the country. Headaches appear to be directly related to stress levels. Let’s know about the study report…

What does the research say about headaches?

A leading pharmaceutical company in the country conducted a study on increasing headaches.

Accordingly, more than 5,310 people between the ages of 22 and 45 from 20 cities were interviewed. In this, the problem of headache increased significantly after Corona by 93%.

The cause of headaches is related to stress levels. This report shows that people are getting stressed due to stress and headache problems are increasing. One in three respondents to this research feel they are more stressed after the pandemic.

This research included both working and non-working people. In both, financial problems and work pressure are at the top of the growing tension headache. Apart from this, health problems and family quarrels are also causing this.

Study reports suggest that stress should be properly managed. Compared to pre-corona, the trace level has increased by 12%, 13% in people aged 26-35, 36-45 years. Youth aged 26-35 years are found to be most stressed. Their number is up to 87%.

Headache is the biggest disadvantage..

Stress causes headaches. Due to this one cannot concentrate on any work. About 40% of the participants admitted that they had difficulty concentrating at work. Headaches affect everyone from professional life to personal life.

Why is stress the cause of headache?

A tension headache occurs when the neck and scalp muscles are tense or contracted. Muscle spasms can be caused by stress, depression, head injury or anxiety.

Ways to prevent headaches

Eat nutritious food at regular intervals.

Do not skip food at any time, gas problem can occur on an empty stomach. Don’t forget to skip breakfast. Daily exercise. Get enough sleep, avoid caffeine and smoking. Do not take pain medication without asking your doctor.