Thu. May 30th, 2024 online news,Hyderabad, May 26th , 2020: 3F Oil Palm Agrotech Pvt. Ltd, a leading oil palm company in India, today announced that it has launched ‘3F Akshaya’ mobile app, first-of-its-kind app in the country for oil palm farmers. This integrated mobile app, which is available on Google Play Store, will let the farmers avail comprehensive services and details from the company; right from ordering fertilizers and up to getting crop loans. Aimed at enabling ease of cultivation, 3F Oil Palm Agrotech has developed this mobile app to educate and empower the farmers. Through this mobile app, the company will provide farmers the expertise which will help them to follow best cultivation practices by optimizing costs while increasing their income by getting more productivity from the fields.With the launch of 3F Akshaya mobile app, farmers across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and North East India will immensely benefit by getting access to wide range of services. Initially, about 20,000 farmers of Andhra Pradesh will immediately get access to this mobile app during the first phase of its launch and the rest will be enabled in a phased manner. All the farmers will undergo field and remote training via this mobile app.

The farmers can login this unique 3F Akshaya mobile app through their company ID. They can check their collection status, details of transactions including the ledger balances and plot data etc. Farmers can also place orders for fertilizer inputs, micro-nutrients and other farming inputs against FFB. They can optionally choose the field delivery of the products they ordered. The ‘Quick Pay’ feature available in 3F Akshaya mobile app provides instant payment option to farmers. Using this option, they can receive the payment within 24 hours itself. They can also request for a bank loan through this mobile app.Speaking on the occasion, Mr Sanjay Goenka, CEO and MD, 3F Oil Palm Agrotech Limited, said, “We always try to deploy the best technology to enable ease of cultivation for the farmers and this is one such an attempt in that direction. 3F Akshaya mobile app is an encyclopedia of oil palm which supports the farmers in many ways. We strongly believe that with the introduction of this unique new mobile app, our oil palm growers’ community will immensely benefit from the technology interventions. This tool will definitely bridge the gap between the company and the farmers by ensuring a continuous flow of data between us. Using Akshaya Mobile App, farmers will be able to access the global best oil palm cultivation practices to get more yields and better prices for sure”.Using this mobile app, farmers can also request for trained workers (labour) who can support them to cut clusters in the farms and also get access to field level staff for getting the right advice. If they found disease or issue in the field, they can send a picture of the plant via this mobile app and directly call the company’s agriculture expert for a solution. The experts who analyze the disease or issue based on the information provided by the farmer and will guide them accordingly. All the company field executives will be available to help and support the farmers on a real-time basis, as they are also integrated to the Akshaya Mobile App.