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Apollo Doctors perform a miracle by ensuring recovery of a Covid afflicted critical pregnant woman & her newborn!,online news,Hyderabad, 5th September 2020: A team of Doctors at Apollo Hospitals, accomplished a near miracle by saving a mother and child, from highly critical health condition. The mother into 7 th month of pregnancy, developed Covid and had to be treated on ventilator, also to save
the baby a pre-term delivery was performed on her despite the mother’s condition. Both were
discharged hail and healthy. This was a first of its kind care in this part of the world, where a
7-month preterm baby was delivered from a mother undergoing infertility care, while being
ventilated for Covid.The 34-year-old patient, Mrs. Manjula married for the last seven years, was undergoing infertility treatment and was into the seventh month of pregnancy. Being a precious delivery
for the couple and were longing for a baby, they were seeking the guidance of Dr Sharmila, Sr
Consultant Pediatrician at Apollo Hospitals, to avoid later stage medical complications. However
recently along with the other members of her family, the mother got infected of Covid and was
brought to the hospital on July 15 th in a very critical condition.On admission, her condition deteriorated rapidly, and saturation levels were dismally low
necessitating ventilator management. There was little hope of her survival medically, as nearly
90% of pregnant women needing ventilation, breath their last or end up delivering still born
preterm babies.The medical team too had its set of challenges specific to this case:

  1. Complex hemodynamics of pregnancy and severe Covid infection with high viral load,
    pulling the medical team at high risk of infection.
  2. Difficulty in ventilation and the inability to make patient sleep on her belly, which is a
    necessity for Covid patients and is done for non-pregnant patients
  3. Difficulty in performing surgery with the protective (PPE) gear.
  4. Difficulty in assessing and reviving the baby at birth and the PPE not allowing proper
    assessment and delicate care babies’ need.
    The Doctors took these challenges in their stride and were keen to save both the mother and
    baby, but on a priority wanted to save the mother. During the course of the treatment the
    mother stopped responding and chances of her survival seemed slim, the team decided to
    retrieve at least the baby before the mother succumbs. The baby was delivered on July 17 th by
    operating on the mother, while sustaining her on ventilator. But the baby too was found to be
    ill and not responding to resuscitation. The team revived baby’s heart function with medication,
    but the risk of it not surviving continued to be high. The baby later developed a blood stream
    infection and was treated. The baby gradually recovered, she started responding to the
    treatment and got better by the day. The fully recovered baby was discharged today. In the
    meantime, the mother saw a phenomenal recovery and was discharged on August 10 th , 2020.
Apollo Doctors perform a miracle by ensuring recovery of a Covid afflicted critical pregnant woman & her newborn!
Apollo Doctors perform a miracle by ensuring recovery of a Covid afflicted critical pregnant woman & her newborn!

The team of Doctors at Apollo Hospitals, who made this near miracle possible were Dr Deepak,
Dr Nagaraj and Dr Sidharth, Critical care specialists: Dr Suneetha Nareddy, Dr Ravi Kiran and
the team of Infectious disease specialists, Dr Vimee Bindra, Gynecologist; Dr Sanath Reddy,
Anesthetist; Dr Sharmila, Neonatologist; Dr Chandrakant, Pulmonologist and Dr Prasad,
Radiologist. During this period one of the Doctors from the Critical Care Team ended up
getting infected with Covid, but the entire team risked their life to see this miracle happen
despite several odds.