Wed. Feb 28th, 2024
  • 73 pets and pet parents participated online news,Hyderabad, January 21st, 2024 :Blue Cross of Hyderabad hosted the second edition of the #LoveMyIndie Dog Show at Chaitanya Vidyalaya, Domalguda today. This vibrant event, dedicated to celebrating Indie dogs, witnessed enthusiastic participation from numerous pet parents, and their cherished Indies, which demonstrates Blue Cross of Hyderabad’s long-standing commitment to animal welfare and these unique dogs who are a part of our Indian diaspora.

The #LoveMyIndie Dog Show, a joint effort between the Blue Cross of Hyderabad and Mars Petcare, has emerged as a significant platform in the realm of pet welfare initiatives in the city. It symbolizes a collective stride towards a future where every pet is valued and celebrated.

The #LoveMyIndie Dog Show featured categories such as ‘Young/ Wise Indie and Great Indie, providing a platform for Indie dogs of diverse ages and sizes to be recognized. Winners in each category were awarded certificates and special Pedigree hampers by Mars Petcare, highlighting their distinct personalities and characteristics.

A distinguished panel of judges, including renowned vets such as Dr. Lakshmi Ramana, Dr. Shubam Vaid, and Aparna Rao, President of Blue Cross of Hyderabad, Vinod Poyilath, Dog Behaviour Specialist, Meitem Connolly, and Shreya Paropakari evaluated the dogs based on behaviour and friendliness, thus celebrating the inherent beauty and diversity of Indies.

The event was more than a competition; it was a celebration of the Indie dog community. A major highlight was the Bluecross and Mars Petcare photo booth, complete with playful props and creative backdrops, offering a perfect spot for pet parents to capture memorable moments with their furry friends. This interactive feature fostered a joyful and communal atmosphere among the participants.

Amala Akkineni, Founder & Chairperson at Blue Cross of Hyderabad, expressed her enthusiasm for the event, “The #LoveMyIndie Dog Show is more than just an event; it’s a movement celebrating the resilience and devotion of Indie dogs. Our collaboration with Mars Petcare has been instrumental in making this a reality. This platform not only honors these wonderful animals but also strengthens the bond between pets and their families, reinforcing our mission of promoting animal welfare.”

Present at the event, Nitin Jain, Sales Director at Mars Petcare India, stated, “I would like to congratulate Blue Cross of Hyderabad for organising the show and letting us be a part of the show and live our purpose of creating a better world for pets.”

Echoing this sentiment, Salil Murthy, Managing Director, Mars Petcare India, stated, “We are proud to partner with Blue Cross of Hyderabad for the LoveMyIndie Dog Show. This initiative resonates deeply with our purpose at Mars Petcare-to make the world a better place for pets. Seeing the joy and pride of pet parents with their Indies inspires us to continue our work in fostering a healthy, happy, and nurturing environment for pets and pet parents across the country.”

The event marked a significant milestone, resonating with the shared objectives of the Blue Cross of Hyderabad and Mars Petcare in advocating for animal welfare and pet well-being. It showcased not just the beauty and uniqueness of Indie dogs but also the strong bonds they share with their pet parents. The #LoveMyIndie Dog Show has established a standard for future initiatives, highlighting the importance of recognizing and celebrating the unique relationship between pets and their pet parents.