Sun. Jun 16th, 2024 online news, Hyderabad, 24 May, 2024: The 20th edition of CII Green Cementech, a pioneering platform driving sustainability in the cement sector, got underway at HICC, Hyderabad amid global recognition and anticipation.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), in partnership with the Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA), is organizing this annual cement conference on 23rd& 24th May.

Since its inception, the CII Green Cementech has been instrumental in fostering dialogue, innovation, action and collaboration, shaping the industry’s journey towards a greener future.

Mr. Madhavkrishna Singhania, Chairman of Green Cementech 2024 and Deputy Managing Director & CEO at JK Cement Ltd, remarked, “By committing to Net Zero, industries can not only contribute to the Global fight against climate change but also unlock numerous benefits that enhance their economic performance, operational efficiency & long-term sustainability.”

India is the secondlargest cement producer in the world. It is projected to witness a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 7% till 2026, driven by burgeoning infrastructure demands, government initiatives, and real estate developments.

Recognizing the sector’s energy-intensive nature and its environmental implications, CII Green Cementech 2024 aims to explore innovative strategies and initiatives to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

Mr. Neeraj Akhoury, President, Cement Manufacturers’ Association and Managing Director Shree Cement Limited, stated,“The Indian cement industry is committed, as responsible business sector, in supporting the nation towards net zero carbon. Sustainability is not just a business imperative but it is a moral imperative”.

In his remarks, Mr. Raju Goyal, Co-Chairman of Green Cementech 2024 and Chief Technical Officer at UltraTech Cement Limited, highlighted that the cement industry needs continued support and engagement of all the stakeholders in promoting sustainability and innovation.

Mr. Shekhar Reddy, the national Vice Chairman of the Indian Green Building Council(IGBC), emphasized the importance of green cement, such as fly-ash-based cement, slag-based cement, and composite cement, in driving the Indian building sector toward more sustainable practices.

Indian cement plants are some of the most energy- and carbon-efficient in the world. Through various initiatives, like electrification of transport systems, adoption of alternative, more sustainable fuels, low-carbon cement technologies and energy efficient processes etc., the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)is supporting the cement industry in paving the road towards a net-zero carbon future.

Highlights of the event:

  • The publication, “Green Logistics: Electric Vehicles for Cement Sector”, which explores the practical implications, benefits, and challenges of integrating electric trucks (E-trucks) into cement sector’s operations, was launched at the event.
  • The web tool, “Benchmarking & Net Zero Web tool for Cement Sector”, developed to facilitate low carbon growth in the Indian cement industry, was launched at the event.
  • Over 50 sector experts from the industry and technology providers from India and abroad will share insights on how the cement sector can embrace new technologies and best practices to attain sustainable growth.

Over the course of two days, CII Green Cementech 2024 will delve into the latest advancements in sustainable cement production. Discussions will revolve around breakthrough technologies, digitalization in manufacturing (Industry 4.0), integration of renewable energy sources, innovative financing, collaboration with stakeholders, and the promotion of circular economy principles and resource efficiency.

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