Thu. May 30th, 2024
Cyrus (the dog) has emerged as a much loved character in Penguin, with consumers calling him a hero,online news,Hyderabad,24 June 2020: This is what Eashvar Karthik, Director, Penguin had to say about Cyrus’s stellar performance. “Actually his (Cyrus’) real name is Maddy and he is my own dog!  He knows my body language very well and I understand each and every movement of his. While I was looking for trained dogs for the part for a while, I wasn’t able to find any that I thought worked.  So just before we went on floors for production I just picked Maddy to play Cyrus and he was just brilliant.  He never needed too many instructions, and was such a natural.  He really is a one-take artist!”Penguin is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, in 200+ countries and territories.