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iron food online news,May 4th,2023: Bone development is very important for body development. The whole body rests on bones only. A healthy body requires strong bones. As we age, bones begin to weaken. So consult a doctor and follow proper precautions.

You need to take care of your bones to prevent bone pain, prevent bone fractures, and reduce the risk of dangerous diseases like osteoporosis. For this you need to keep your diet balanced.

Whatever a person eats directly affects his health. In such a situation, you should also avoid foods that damage bones. Let’s know about such food which is deadly for bones..

Iron rich foods

Although iron is good for health, too much iron is not good for bones. Iron inhibits the absorption of calcium in the body. This can cause bone loss. That is why it is better to have a limited intake of iron. Along with this, calcium and iron rich foods should not be consumed in excess.

The more alcohol you drink, the better. If you take too much, you can easily suffer from broken bones and bone injuries. So it is better to limit the consumption of alcohol.

iron food


High sugar intake is also harmful to bones. Sugary drinks reduce bone mass. Increase the chances of bone injuries, fractures or pain. Instead of sugar, focus on consuming natural sugar.

Animal protein..

Eating animal protein can damage bones. Eating too much animal protein can cause it to be excreted in the urine and weaken the bones.


Food is not tasty without salt. But, keeping health in mind, it is better to consume less salt.
Salt absorbs calcium from the bones. Thus the salt dissolves the bones. So it is better to consume less salt.