Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 online news,January 22nd, 2024 : Only a few hours left for the inauguration of the Ram Mandir. In a few hours, the wait of the last 500 years of Ram devotees will be over. The construction of Ram Mandir is not only important for devotion and respect but also for the development of Ayodhya.

A special effort has been made to carve every part of the Ram temple completely out of stone. The Ram Mandir was built in armor to prevent any damage for at least the next 1000 years. Not only the temple but also the doors of the Ram Mandir will remain strong for the next 1000 years. The Telangana company, which manufactures the doors of the Ram Mandir, has also made a similar argument.

Telangana firm Anuradha Timbers International has been entrusted with the responsibility of making the doors of the Ram Temple. Sarath Babu, Managing Partner of the company, in an interview to the media revealed the doors to be installed in Ram Temple and its features. He also told what steps his company has taken to keep the doors of Ram Mandir completely safe for the next 1000 years.

The company, entrusted with the task of manufacturing the doors of the Ram Temple, primarily deals with the import and export of timber. Over the past 5 years, the company has started designing and manufacturing doors for temples. This company has designed doors for many temples in Telangana as well as across the country. This company has been in the timber business for three generations.

Another 200 doors will be installed

Sarath Babu, managing partner of the company, in his conversation with the media said that so far a total of 18 doors have been installed on the ground floor of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. These doors are installed in the sanctum sanctorum, pavilion and other places of the temple. 14 of these 18 doors are gilded.

The remaining 4 doors are made of wood. 9 doors will be installed on the ramparts, the work of preparation is still going on. A total of 127 doors will be installed in the main temple. In the next 1-2 years, 200-300 more doors will be installed in the Ram Mandir till the temple is completely ready.

An example of self-reliant India

The Ram Mandir is an example of a fully self-reliant India. The doors installed in the temple, the wood of the doors, the machinery used to prepare them, the labor, everything was made only in India. No foreign objects were used in Ram Mandir. Doors and door frames are made from teak wood imported from Maharashtra in Ram temple.

By what criteria is the wood selected..?

Sarath Babu said that the doors of Ram Mandir should be secured for at least 1000 years. Keeping this in mind, wood was also selected for making the doors. The Dehradun Forest Department helped us in selecting the wood for the doors of the Ram Mandir. He said that we have long association with wood business.

Hence, it became easy for us to choose the best wood. Sarathbabu says that all the designs have been prepared on the doors of the temple based on the Nagar style and the way the temple was built. The doors are carved with frolicking elephants, lotus flowers, various other flowers, vehicles inviting the Lord to enter the temple through the doorway.

How safe are doors for up to 1000 years..?

Only 10 or 20 trunks were selected out of 100-200 trees to make the doors of the Ram Temple. These were the only trunks that fully met our standards. 80-100 years old teak trees were selected to make the doors. I searched for older trees but could not find them. Whatever 80-100 year old trees were found, only a fraction of them were used to make high quality doors or frames.

Only 20 percent of high quality wood from each tree or trunk is used in making the doors. While preparing each door, care has been taken to ensure that it is 100% defect-free and lasts for 1000 years. A team of around 60 artisans are working day and night to build the doors of the Ram Mandir. All the artists are from Tamil Nadu, Mahabalipuram and Kanyakumari. All of them have been woodworkers for generations.