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HCL Technologies takes precision marketing at scale to the next level with the new Unica platform,online news,New York, and Hyderabad, India- June 22, 2020 – HCL Technologies (HCL), a leading global technology company, today announced the release of Unica V12.1.  Unica takes Precision Marketing@Scale to the next level by effortlessly scaling to the billions of personalized interactions required by the largest organizations with the most complex data infrastructures.  V12.1 is the culmination of more than two years of research, development, and investment in the Unica platform to power the next generation of customer journeys and goal-based marketing.  Unica V12.1 will be generally available in July 2020. HCL is releasing three modules to provide end-to-end, goal-based marketing capabilities:

  • Unica Journey​ – Set marketing goals and orchestrate customer journeys in a real-time self-service environment.
  • Unica Deliver​ – Message customers on any digital channel, at scale. ​
  • Unica Link​ – Connect all touch points in a MarTech stack with point-and-click integration.

To help customers capitalize on the power of an integrated cloud-native marketing platform, HCL is introducing the Unica Power Pack, which lets customers get access to the entire Unica platform, using a simplified, transparent, consumption-based pricing model.To help marketers accelerate time-to-value, HCL is announcing the Unica Goal-based Marketing QuickStart offering, whereby customers can define and start meeting their marketing goals in as little as 30 days.“Today, marketers are charged with setting and achieving specific revenue goals, weekly or monthly. They are designing and building customer journeys in a self-service environment and monitoring their progress in real time. They are making changes to customer journeys on the fly to meet their marketing goals. Goal-based marketing with Unica V12.1 was designed specifically for today’s marketer,” said Darren Oberst, CVP and Head of HCL Software.This by far is the most exciting and significant release of Unica products we’ve seen over the last 10 years. With V12.1, HCL has re-imagined the product line and expanded much-needed capabilities such as Unica Journey, Unica Deliver, and Unica Link, clearly taking into account customer feedback,” said Benoît Stephenson-Barriere, President & CEO of Cleargoals.“With Unica v12.1, HCL is taking great strides to close the gaps with their enterprise competition, and in many areas improving the long term and existing strengths of the Unica platform as a whole. With Unica Deliver and Unica Journey, they are deploying the functionality that marketers expect to be embedded within the marketing automation platform. We’re also excited about the simplified pricing model, which we hope will make it easier for our clients and partners to leverage a wider suite of capabilities with a reduced commercial and procurement impact,” said Andrew Addison, Founder & CEO of Purple Square.

HCL Technologies takes precision marketing at scale to the next level with the new Unica platform
HCL Technologies takes precision marketing at scale to the next level with the new Unica platform

“Allant Group’s MarTech Integration & Enablement Teamhas long relied upon the Unica platform to enable complex solutions that are easily managed, automated, and executed by marketers—without requiring the need for IT resources.  In addition to expanding their own product APIs, HCL continues to grow Unica’s product capabilities for integration by embracing open-source platforms, as well as cloud-hosted databases and marketing solutions.  Delivering on this vision will enable our clients to consolidate data and events generated by today’s channel-specific marketing solutions and data platforms.  Allant is tremendously excited about HCL’s product roadmap and the additional value it will bring to our mutual customers,” said Scott Bell, Principal, MarTech Integration & Enablement, Allant Group.“The investment HCL Software has made in the Unica platform is impressive. In the V12.0 release earlier this year, they delivered big leaps in functionality, Open Source supported platform, cloud native readiness, and open API support. With this V12.1 release, the Unica Marketing solution becomes a platform that includes Campaign, Interact, Plan, and Optimize and three new offerings in one package with a simplified pricing model. HCL is investing in a proven marketing platform and we expect accelerated cloud release cycles to bring future functionality to market even faster,” said Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology, IDC.For more information on Unica 12.1, please join our upcoming Launch Webinar series outlining the latest capabilities in the Unica platform on July 7th. Event registration is available here.