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rarest fruits in the world online news ,May 15th,2023: While the rarity of fruits can vary depending on factors such as availability, cultivation practices, and regional differences, here are ten examples of fruits that are considered rare or uncommon:

rarest fruits in the world
rarest fruits in the world
  1. Durian: Known for its strong odor, the durian is a tropical fruit native to Southeast Asia.
  2. Jabuticaba: Found in Brazil, this fruit grows directly on the trunk of the tree and has a grape-like appearance.
  3. Mangosteen: Native to Southeast Asia, the mangosteen has a sweet and tangy flavor and is highly prized.
  4. Rambutan: A tropical fruit similar to lychee, rambutan has a hairy outer skin and is popular in Southeast Asia.
  5. Miracle Fruit: This fruit from West Africa contains a protein that temporarily alters taste buds, making sour foods taste sweet.
  6. Buddha’s Hand: An unusual citrus fruit with finger-like segments, it is often used for its aromatic zest and ornamental value.
  7. Cherimoya: Known as the “custard apple,” cherimoya has a creamy texture and a unique blend of tropical flavors.
  8. Horned Melon: Also called kiwano or African horned cucumber, this fruit has a spiky orange-yellow skin and a tart taste.
  9. Finger Lime: Native to Australia, this fruit is elongated and filled with caviar-like vesicles that burst with a citrusy flavor.
  10. Chayote: Although not as rare as some others on this list, chayote is a less common fruit often used in culinary preparations.
rarest fruits in the world
rarest fruits in the world