Fri. Jul 12th, 2024,onlinenews,9thmarch,Hyderabad,2020: Subsumed within the present series of work done by Srinivas is an undercurrent that exemplifies an inherent bond with his people and traditional Indian art forms. Rendered in simplified, abbreviated and minimalistic visual language, the men and women in his work connect to the viewers instantly. Their rustic charms are neutralised into basic essence that uplifts them into becoming Universal in their strengths.

Srinivas refrains from being narrative and descriptive in his diction. Instead of being ornamental and detailed he chooses to create an instance, an impression and an anecdote which is open and malleable, to be perceived from myriad perspectives by the viewer. 
The seamless combination of figurative and abstract, of being rustic and urban, at the same time is the hallmark of the artists work. While the delineation and palette reflect traditional Indian ethos, the distortion and minimization reflects a contemporary approach. His eclectic inspirations go back to and connect with Indian miniature paintings, Bronze sculptures from Chola period as well as to murals from Ajanta and Lepakshi. His deep affinity for the leather puppetry art from Andhra Pradesh gets distantly reflected in his work. And yet there is no direct link with any of these as the final work only resonates their essence and not visual imitation. His stylisation is a synthesis of many inspirations with personal diction as the basic core and content. Stark black and white drawings are definitely Srinivas’s relished forte and strength. These reinstate the structural, linear and simplified excerpts from rustic existence from a personalised vision and memory. Artist’s non descriptive approach towards his dialogue accelerates the allegorical and conceptual prowess of the diction. Metaphorical and symbolic emblems are aptly woven together into the expression. Like, the village folk are depicted accompanied with a single plant or shrub instead of being surrounded by overcrowded, lush green and widely spread out natural expanses or landscape. Rural people depicted in the paintings exist in a time and place that remains ambiguous.

There is a unanimously outspread pause and serious tone in the ambience. And yet the inhabitants are not melancholy or sad. The effervescent, warm and iridescently hued colour palette contrasts with the balanced gazes and stances of the protagonists and enlivens the space. The muted and controlled gestures exemplify a certain kind of peace and equilibrium which is untouched by exaggerated emotional upheavals. Satisfied and engrossed in a world of their own these village folk emanate a subtle but sublime essence of spiritualism, which has forever been an important aspect of Indian life and art.