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ITC’s Foods Division specially curates Boxes of Hope and Happiness during COVID 19 online news,National, 4th April 2020: ITC is committed to providing comfort to children and senior citizens across Indian households during these trying times of the nationwide pandemic. To provide support during this unprecedented situation, the company is sending food supplies across the country through its Aashirvaad Box of Hope and Sunfeast Box of Happiness, an initiative backed by the company’s Rs 150 crore COVID- 19 Emergency Fund.

In-line with its credo ‘Nation First – Sab Saath Badhein’ ITC has joined hands with 3 leading NGOs building a seamless network to deliver essential food supplies to those severely impacted by the current lockdown. Child Rights and You (CRY), SOS Children’s Village India and another eminent NGO will help implement this special intervention that addresses the month-long food consumption requirement of the children and the elderly. This program will be implemented from April 1st 2020 by the respective volunteers of the NGOs in each state, while ensuring the requisite health, hygiene and safety precautions. 

ITC’s Foods Division specially curates Boxes of Hope and Happiness during COVID 19 

Commenting on the collaboration, spokesperson from, ITC Ltd said, “Consumers are fighting this nationwide pandemic with compassion and resilience during the lockdown. However, the children and the elderly community are the most impacted and require additional support and assistance in tiding through these difficult times. At ITC, we are committed to making a meaningful contribution to society and with help from CRY, SOS & another notable NGO we feel encouraged to be able to make a difference in our own way.”   A spokesperson from SOS said, “In the current unprecedented situation, a large number of children do not have access to adequate food essentials. We are glad that ITC has come forward to spread cheer among many such children.”

A spokesperson from an eminent NGO said, “ITC has thoughtfully contributed food kits that will sufficiently take care of the food requirements of many elderly. This gives hope and optimism about the days that lie ahead of us.”The Aashirvaad Box of Hope for the elderly will contain an assortment of Aashirvaad atta, salt & basic spices, Sunfeast biscuits, YiPPee! noodles and B Natural Fruit Juices & Beverages. On the other hand the Sunfeast Box of Happiness for children will include multiple packs of Sunfeast biscuits, YiPPee! noodles, B Natural PET Juices and snacks from Bingo!