Wed. Feb 28th, 2024 online news, january 11th,2023: Jio has rolled out new international roaming plans for UAE and US; along with an annual plan for its subscribers. It has also introduced 60% cheaper in-flight plans.

International roaming packs for the UAE

Jio has introduced three new plans under the UAE international roaming packs. It has rolled out international roaming packs of Rs 2,998, Rs 1598 and Rs 898.

Under the Rs 2,998 plan, the subscribers will get 250 outgoing minutes and 250 incoming minutes.

The plan comes with a validity of 21 days and offers 7GB of data. The plan also includes 100 SMS. On the other hand, the Rs 1598 plan offers 150 outgoing and incoming minutes along with 3GB data and 100 SMS.

This plan is valid for 14 days. Lastly, the Rs 898 plan offers 1GB data and 100 incoming and outgoing minutes. It is valid for 7 days and includes 100 SMS.

International roaming packs for the US

Same as UAE, Jio has announced three new international roaming packs for US travel. The telco has rolled out plans of Rs 3455, Rs 2555 and Rs 1555. All the plans offer calling and data benefits.

Under the Rs 3455 plan, the travellers will get 250 minutes for calling and 25GB data. The plan comes with a validity of 30 days and offers 100 SMS. As part of Rs 2555 plan, the Jio users will get 250 minutes and 15GB of data with 100 SMS.

This plan is valid for the period of 21 days. And the Rs 1555 plan is valid for 10 days and it offers 7GB of total data with 100 SMS and 150 calling minutes.

Annual roaming packs

Along with the new international roaming plans, Jio has also introduced a new annual pack which is priced at Rs 2,799. The annual plan is applicable in 51 countries, and it offers 2GB of data and a validity of 365 days.

In-flight data packs

Jio has introduced three new in-flight plans of Rs 195, Rs 295 and Rs 595. Users will for 100 voice minutes and 100 SMS under all three plans. Also, all the plans are valid for 1 day.

The Rs 195 plan offers 250MB data and the Rs 295 and Rs 595 plans offer 500MB and 1GB data respectively.

In-flight voice and data packs for different countries

Jio has introduced four in-flight plans that apply to 22 airlines and up to 51 counties. These new plans include Rs 2,499, Rs 4,999, Rs 3999 and Rs 5,999.

Under the Rs 2,499 plan, users will get 100 outgoing minutes, 250MB of data and 10 days validity. This plan covers 35 countries. Rs 4,999 in-flight plan from Jio offers 1500 minutes, 5GB of data and 1500 SMS.

The plan is valid for the period of 30 days. The Rs 3,999 plan offers 4GB of data along with 30 days of validity and 100 SMS. Lastly, the Rs 5,999 plan provides 400 calling minutes, 6GB of data and 500 SMS.

This plan is also valid for 30 days. The Rs 4,999, Rs 3,999 and Rs 5,999 plans over 51 countries.