Mon. Jun 24th, 2024 online news,National,May 29th, 2024: In a move towards sustainable mobility, MG Motor India and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd. (HPCL) announced their strategic partnership to enhance and enrich India’s EV charging infrastructure.

Under this alignment, MG and HPCL will together install 50kW/60kW DC fast chargers at key locations covering highways and cities across India. The collaboration focuses on providing convenience to EV users by increasing the availability of EV chargers during their long distance and intercity commutes.

The public-mode network of chargers is designed for all EVs compatible with the CCS 2 charging standard, like that of the MG ZS EV. These charging stations will be available for MG customers on the MyMG App and will be discoverable via the integrated HPCL network discovery tool.

Gaurav Gupta, Chief Growth Officer, MG Motor India, said, “The key to a successful transition to electric mobility is a robust EV ecosystem. As an early mover in the EV space, MG has been at the forefront of the development of a strong EV ecosystem.

Along with our ecosystem partners, we are working to create a vast network of EV charging stations, in addition to battery recycling & battery second life solutions for end-to-end sustainability of electric vehicles. Our partnership with HPCL is yet another step to expanding the EV charging infrastructure in India to energize and enhance customer confidence in EVs.

HPCL’s vast network and significant presence in India will ensure that existing and prospective EV users across the country have convenient access to our charging solutions.”

According to Shri Rajdip Ghosh, Chief General Manager, Highway Retailing, HPCL, “HPCL has a nationwide network of 22000+ Fuel Stations and is committed to a sustainable future by providing green fuel to the customers. Furthermore, HPCL aims to install 5000 electric vehicle charging stations by December 2024.

Through this partnership with MG Motor India, HPCL shall leverage the vehicle base of MG to increase the utilization of its chargers installed across India. HPCL will analyze charger usage to improve customer experience and strategic expansion in EV Charging infrastructure at places. This synergy will help in the growth of the EVs in the coming days.”

Customers utilising the charging stations will also benefit from loyalty rewards, and exclusive promotions, further encouraging electric mobility usage. The collaboration will strengthen MG Motor India and HPCL’s unified vision to encourage new age sustainable mobility solutions and drive positive change in the transportation landscape.

MG India’s EV Endeavours:

As an early mover in the EV space, we focused on developing a robust ecosystem with greater access of EV chargers even before launching our second car which was India’s fully-electric internet SUV – MG ZS EV. Alongside our smart and sustainable products, we have created a robust EV environment with 6-way charging infrastructure and installed more than 15,000 charging touchpoints nationwide, including public and home chargers with our ecosystem partners such as Tata Power, Delta Electronics, and Fortum to create a robust charging ecosystem. 

Additionally, the company has collaborated with BPCL and Jio-BP to establish charging stations at various touchpoints across India. MG also partnered with Exicom, Tata Power, ATTERO, UMICORE, TES AMM SUPER and LOHUM for second-life and recycling of EV batteries.

MG Motor India has recently signed significant partnerships with Adani TotalEnergies E-Mobility to set up CC2 60 kW DC chargers at upcoming MG dealerships to bolster the charging network and enhance customer accessibility. For battery recycling and second-life expertise, signed an MoU with the subsidiaries of the Epsilon Group, including Power EV for charging solutions and LICO.

These partnerships underscore the commitment to developing a vast and efficient charging infrastructure in the country.

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