Mon. May 20th, 2024

as part of SWACHH  PAKHWADA programTo create an awareness in society against plastic waste on Army Forces Flag Day online news,December,Hyderabad, 2019 : An effort to create greater awareness in society against plastic waste was initiated. In line with the same, the Armed Forces Flag Day i.e.07 Dec 2019, NCC Cadets ZPHS BHEL conducting “PLOGGING RUN” a part of SWACHH  PAKHWADA program.
A special day for plogging wherein cadets of the school picked up litter while jogging in the campus. NCC Cadets of ZPHS BHEL conducted “”PLOGGING RUN” where they collected plastic waste bottles, plastic covers, litter on the other side of township roads.
The work done by cadets was appreciated by the residents, some senior citizens and a NRI stopped vechile and appreciated the cadets for social work. NCC cadets collects 60kgs of plastic waste and have taken oath that they will not throw any litter on the roads. Cadets says that will share public awareness on plastic waste should thrown in the dustbins only.
The program was organized by the NCC officer ZPHS BHEL A.Dhamodhar and Smt.Laxmi, Chairperson of the School management committee, Staff members Shankar Babu, Ambadas and teachers also participated in the said event. The entire campus was made plastic free by the efforts of the enthusiastic and environmentally aware cadets.