Thu. May 30th, 2024 online news,Bhimavaram, 5th February 2020: On the heels of the Government announcing several measures to strengthen fisheries and aquaculture in the country during the Union budget FY20-21, Anmol Feeds, introduced their fish and shrimp feed products in Bhimavaram, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The company is one of the largest producers of animal feed in the country and presented their shrimp feed brand, Latis Gold 38% Protein Vannamei Feed and floating fish feed brand, Matsya Bandhu under the umbrella brand Nouriture. The company aims to ensure growth of the large fishing community in the State with superior quality compound feed that is both nutritious for the livestock and beneficial for the farmer. Nouriture aims to meet the growing demands of the livestock farmers of today and tomorrow and ensure a niche for itself in the market.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Amit Saraogi, Managing Director, Anmol Feeds Pvt. Ltd, “The Government aims to raise fish production to 200 lakh tonnes by 2022-23. At Anmol Feeds, we intend to take The Blue Revolution or the Neel Kranti Mission to the hinterlands of the country and usher economic prosperity for the farmers involved in aquaculture in Andhra Pradesh. The Government’s ambition to double farmer’s income is in lines with our business vision, wherein, we too want to inculcsate rural entrepreneurship. This sector has a lot of potential for growth and generating employment which will drive the economy of the country towards a northward direction. With the introduction of Nouriture, we are focused to attain this goal. After the successful launch of shrimp and floating fish feed in the Telugu states, we are glad to display our products at Bhimavaram.” Anmol Feeds will be present at Aquaex India 2020 which is scheduled to take place from 6th – 8th February at the RK Convention Center to demonstrate these products. Andhra Pradesh stood first in the country in the fisheries sector both in terms of total fish and prawn production and total value of fish products. The State has potential and diversified water resources with 974 kms of coastline, 33,227 kms of continental shelf area, 555 marine fishermen villages, 2 Fishing Harbours, 350 Fish landing Centres, 31,147 fishing crafts, 65 cold storages, 64 processing plants, 235 Ice plants, 28 feed mills, 357 hatcheries and 234 Aqualabs. There is also a potential of 1.74 lakh hectares of brackish water area and about 8 lakh hectares of freshwater resources. The sector is providing employment opportunities to nearly 14.5 lakh people directly and indirectly in the state.

The use of good quality feed will improve shrimp production and profits and minimize the environmental pollution from shrimp farming. Latis Gold is a high yield Vannamei feed that contains no antibiotics and is made from the best quality imported and domestic ingredients using advanced technology. The notable benefits of using Latis Gold include faster growth, better FCR, enhanced immune system, better appetite and higher profits. Latis Gold 38 is amongst India’s first shrimp feed to contain 38% protein and 5.5% fat content with advanced feed formulation to boost shrimp growth. The field trials have shown effective yield of up to 27 gms in 68 days and against other shrimp feeds in market up to 20 gms in same Days of Culture. The feed formulation of Nouriture Latis Gold 38% has been tried in Andhra Pradesh and West

Bengal and results have been beyond expectations of the company and the farmers. Anmol Feeds provides a wide range of fish feeds under Matsya Bandhu including floating fish feed, which is best suited for Carp, Magur to sinking fish feed, which is best suited for Rohu, Mrigel. Fish feed plays a big role in immunity-building for the breeds. It contains the optimum amount of protein, fibre, fats, and essential minerals that ensures growth, bolsters immunity, and provides maximum ROI.
The primary objective of Nouriture is to create value with a future focus as well as embrace change and progress and bring all the stakeholders and associates under one umbrella to emerge as one of the leaders of the industry. Nouriture is focused on the wellbeing and success of the farmers. Recognizing the need of the hour, Nouriture aims to provide superior quality feed for the livestock to promote fast and healthy growth. It is driven to help farmers to accept modern farming techniques and usage of compound feed.