Fri. May 24th, 2024 online news, fibruary 1, National: “The Finance Minister’s commitment to kick-start the Paris Agreement Action plan from January 1st 2021 and the proposal to allocate 4400 Crore to implement the Clean Air programme is a step in the right direction. Last year the government allocated 460 crores for pollution measures including the National Clean Air Programme but with the current allocation, we hope the State and Central government will incentivize shared mobility concepts like carpooling, which reduces the number of vehicles on the road. Moreover, the 1.7 Lakh Crore allocated to bolster the transportation infrastructure in 2020-2021 is much needed and will help reduce travel time and increase fuel efficiency.

As a start-up, we also welcome the government’s recognition of the entrepreneurial spirit of the country and the proposal of setting up of an investment clearance cell because of which young and bright talents will be given an opportunity to flourish”. – KNM Rao, Founder and CEO, Quick Ride