Sat. Jun 15th, 2024 online news, May 14th,2024:Sony LIV and Emmay Entertainment announce new cast additions to the highly anticipated show “Freedom At Midnight.” Malishka Mendonsa to portray Sarojini Naidu, Rajesh Kumar as Liaquat Ali Khan, and KC Shankar as V.P. Menon in this political thriller. Sarojini Naidu, VP Menon, and Liaquat Ali Khan were pivotal figures during the Independence era.

Naidu, a prominent female voice, advocated for India’s liberation and was renowned for her poetry and activism. Menon, as Constitutional Adviser, played a critical role in integrating princely states into independent India. Liaquat, a close associate of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was a key leader during the partition negotiations but met a tragic end as Prime Minister. Each figure left a lasting impact on the political landscape of India and Pakistan.

Speaking about her role as Sarojini Naidu, Malishka shares, “I am truly humbled to portray Sarojini Naidu, the Nightingale of India, in Freedom at Midnight. Playing her is a challenge and honour, as my only reference point is what I’ve read about her and the discussions I’ve had about her with our director.

I think she was a true representation of the Modern women of India who was not boxed by any limitations. She was not only a celebrated poetess and a freedom fighter but also a trailblazer for women in politics.

It’s fascinating to take a deeper look into the complexities of her character and understand her journey during such a transformative period in our nation’s history. Being a part of this series is like stepping back in time and experiencing history in its rawest form.”

In preparing for the role of Liaquat Ali Khan in the upcoming series ‘Freedom at Midnight,’ Rajesh Sharma shares, “Immersion in Liaquat Ali Khan’s character has been a pivotal moment in my career.

Through exhaustive research and detailed study of his life, mannerisms, and political expertise, I aim to authentically portray the nuanced persona of Khan on screen. I eagerly anticipate the feedback from my fans and peers, as this marks an important milestone in my acting journey within this political thriller narrative.”

Freedom at Midnight is Produced by Emmay Entertainment (Monisha Advani and Madhu Bhojwani) in association with StudioNext and Sony LIV, Nikkhil Advani serves as the Showrunner and Director. The story is penned by Abhinandan Gupta, Adwitiya Kareng Das, Gundeep Kaur, Divya Nidhi Sharma, Revanta Sarabhai, and Ethan Taylor.

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