Mon. Feb 26th, 2024
smart-classes Online News, Amaravati, October19th, 2022: The Education Department has ordered that all the children studying in government schools in Andhra Pradesh from class 4 to class 10 should carry a smart phone. Byjus content will be uploaded on the smart phones. Henceforth classes will be conducted for the students based on this content.

As a part of that, the AP government has entered into an agreement with the Byjus company. Education department officials reveal that they will provide content to everyone from class 4 onwards. Now all children should get phones. It is said that it is the parents’ responsibility.


Officials say that some may not understand the issue of digital education initially but it is a very important decision. Education department officials said that everyone should make arrangements for the use of phones in the agency areas.

It is true that the government announced on the day of the Byjus agreement that it will provide content to everyone from class 4 onwards. However, it was not said on that day that students have to bring smart phones.

When asked about the situation of students in areas where internet is not available, the officials say that it is not the responsibility of the school education department to provide internet facility. An official said that tabs will be provided to Class 8 students by December.