Sat. Jul 13th, 2024 online news, Hyderabad, June 6th, 2024: Sudhajain said that Telangana state has become a care of address for quality handloom textiles . Speaking at a press conference organized at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad on Thursday, Sudhajain said that their aim is to showcase the talent of handloom artists by sending the products of handloom artists to the country and abroad.

Pandu said that their mission is to encourage those who make handloom products and let them do their own thing, and they will help export the products of handloom artisans to foreign countries. He added that their aim is to provide different and rare handloom products to the consumers and increase their appreciation.

He said that the purpose of this Kohinoor is to respect and encourage handloom workers across the country. He said that people will be told how to recognize fake silk cloths available in the market and how to identify quality handloom cloths.

Some people use synthetic as silk

Selling He said that his company is working hard to provide Avaga vehicle. They give shape to the designs of handloom artists

Sudhajain revealed that an album was released on this occasion without copying the designs made by others.

Nandi Awardee, President of Television Producers Council and Editor of Hyderabad Samay Hindi Daily Newspaper Mohammad Sharif appealed to the state government and the Center to give hand to the handmaiden.

Sharif said that one day in a week, one day in a week must wear handloom cloths and let the handloom weavers create handloom designs according to the needs of the people and encourage skilled handloom weavers. Producer director Ramesh Raja said that he is encouraging the artisans by providing quality handloom cloths at low prices.