Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024 online news,January 13th, 2023: Rakesh Sharma was born on January 13, 1949, in Patiala, Punjab. He is India’s first astronaut. On April 2, 1984, he got a chance to fly around the Earth in a spaceship.

He is the 138th astronaut in the world. Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma flew to the Soviet space station in low orbit and spent seven days in the space station. Witnessing the friendship between India and the Soviet Union, Rakesh Sharma also photographed India and the Himalayas during this joint space mission.

When Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked what India looked like from space, Rakesh Sharma said ‘Sare Jahan Se Accha Hindustan Hamara’, making Indians proud.


Rakesh Sharma was born on January 13, 1949 in a Hindu Gaur family in Patiala Punjab. He did his military education in Hyderabad. He wanted to be a pilot. Rakesh Sharma was also selected as a test pilot by the Indian Air Force.

But no one could have predicted that he would become India’s first astronaut. On September 20, 1982, he was selected by the ‘Indian Space Research Organization’ (ISRO) for the (then) Soviet Union space agency’s Intercosmos mission.

Rakesh Sharma..

After this he was sent to Baikanur in Kazakhstan, Soviet Union for training. Ravish Malhotra was also sent along with him. April 2, 1984 was the historic day when the Soyuz T-11 spacecraft lifted off from Baikanur, Soviet Union with three astronauts on board.

Rakesh Sharma from the Indian Mission, Spacecraft Commander Y. V. Malyshev, flight engineer G. M Strukoloff. Soyuz T-11 transported all three passengers to the orbital station Salyut-7, Soviet Russia.


While aboard Salyut-7, Rakesh Sharma took several photographs of India. He spent seven days in space and performed 33 experiments. Rakesh Sharma practiced in space to combat the effects of weightlessness. His work is also related to remote sensing.

Meanwhile, the three astronauts also addressed a joint press conference from the space station in Moscow and New Delhi. It was a proud moment, watched and cherished by millions of Indians on their television sets.

End of mission..

When Rakesh Sharma returned to India from space travel, Indira Gandhi asked how our India would look from space, Rakesh replied. ‘Our India is the best of all places’.

After retiring from the post of Wing Commander, Rakesh Sharma continued to work as a test pilot with Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. At the same time, there was a moment when he narrowly escaped danger.

Member of ISRO..

In November 2006, Rakesh Sharma was also a member of the committee of ‘Indian Space Research Organization’ (ISRO). This committee gave the nod to the new Indian space flight programme. Now residing in Bangalore, Rakesh Sharma serves as the Chairman of the Board of Automated Workfloor Company.

After the completion of the space mission, the Government of India honored Rakesh Sharma and his two space companions with the ‘Ashoka Chakra’. After returning from his successful space mission, he was also awarded the “Hero of the Soviet Union” honor.