Sat. Apr 20th, 2024 online news,March 5th,2024: Mindspace Business Park, Madhapur inaugurated their IP ‘Mindspace Power Talks’, designed to feature renowned personalities from different walks of life who will address tenants and employees on several motivational strategies and traits that are essential to excel in both personal wellbeing and the corporate sphere.

The inaugural speaker was none other than VVS Laxman, former Indian cricketer, commentator, and pundit, in conversation with Riddhima Pathak, a prominent sports event presenter. The event witnessed a remarkable turnout of Mindspace employees along with their friends and family, engaging in Laxman’s fascinating anecdotes bridging sports and everyday life experiences, both on and off the field.

In a captivating exchange, Laxman shared insights from his journey, revealing the hurdles he faced and the tactics he used to emerge a winner. Laxman’s narrative struck a chord with ambitious professionals navigating competitive landscapes, stressing the important role of mental fortitude and diligence.

“Mindspace Power Talks” sessions are poised to cultivate a rich environment for learning and development, facilitating the exchange of invaluable insights. Tailored to address challenges, enhance resilience, and refine leadership acumen, these talks empower professionals on their growth journey.

By applying the principles of preparation tactics and mental strength, individuals can enhance their capabilities, improve decision-making, and ultimately achieve exceptional results in their professional endeavours. 

This initiative demonstrates Mindspace REIT’s commitment to accelerating knowledge exchange and prioritising employee wellbeing, creating an enriching experience that unite its people. A fine example of our ethos – Wellness at Work.