Thu. Jun 13th, 2024 Online News, May 10th, 2023: How can they claim to form the government and lose before the counting of votes? What is its history? What is the difference between exit poll and opinion poll? Let’s find out now..

Assembly election polling is going on in Karnataka today. Immediately after the voting, exit polls will be issued by all the agencies. Do you know which party will form the government in Karnataka? Which party will get how many seats..? Can BJP retain power? Or will there be a transfer of power? All this will be reflected in the exit polls. How true are these exit polls? Isn’t it..? That will be revealed in the form of results on May 13.

Now you think this is an exit poll? How can they claim to form the government before the votes are counted and lose? What is its history? What is the difference between exit poll and opinion poll?

Exit poll..?

An exit poll is actually a type of election survey. On the day of polling, when the voter comes out of the polling booth after voting, various survey agencies and news channels ask the voter questions related to voting. They will ask who they voted for. Thus, questions are asked to voters from different polling booths in each assembly.

By the time the poll is completed, a large number of responses to such questions will be collected. This data is collected and based on their answers, the mood of the people is estimated. Based on a mathematical model, the number of seats that a party will get is determined and broadcast only after the polls are over.

To conduct exit polls, a survey agency or news channel reporter suddenly goes to a booth and talks to people there. Whom to question is not predetermined. Generally for a strong exit poll, opinions are collected from 30-35 thousand out of 1 lakh voters. Area wise every class of people will be included in it.

What is the difference between opinion poll and exit poll?

Opinion Polls: Opinion polls are conducted before elections. All people have their opinions. Are they voters? For opinion poll results, an attempt is made to gauge public sentiment on major issues in the region from an electoral perspective. Under this, an attempt is made to know which party the people are satisfied with, area wise.

Exit Poll: The exit poll will be held immediately after the voting. Exit polls only include voters. That means only those who come out after voting will give their opinion. Exit polls are at a critical juncture. It means which party people have faith in. Exit polls will be broadcast only after polling is over.