Mon. Feb 26th, 2024 Online News, Hyderabad, April 29th,2023: Millions of people from India visit Thailand every year. But did you know that Thailand plays an important role in controlling the entire world population..?

Thailand is the world’s largest condom exporter. Thailand is the largest producer of rubber in the world. According to the commerce ministry will become the world’s number one condom exporter by 2022. It accounted for 44 percent of the world’s total condom exports, up from 43.7 percent last year in 2021.

China and the US are the largest importers

According to Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce, the country will export condoms worth $272.3 million (approximately Rs 2225.90 crore) in 2022. Thailand exports the most condoms to China, followed by America and Vietnam.

Let us inform you that apart from tourism, Thailand’s economy consists largely of the export of condoms and fruits. Thailand’s durian (a type of jackfruit) is also very dominant among fruits. In 2022, Thailand will export durian worth $3.22 billion (approximately Rs 26,322 crore).

In the export of rubber and fruits.

Rubber and fruits are exported from Thailand. However, this is less than 10 percent of Thailand’s total exports. The country’s total export accounts for more than half of Thailand’s GDP. Thailand’s government expects the country’s exports to increase this year, despite lower global demand.

Recently, Thailand’s durian exports have grown to a level challenging Vietnam. In 2021, Vietnam will be allowed to sell its durian in China. This has a direct impact on Thailand’s market share. China is the largest buyer of Thailand’s durian customers.